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  • JasonDC - Great device! What's with the 1-star reviewers...1) Asus has announced they will unlock the bootloader. Why are people who don't even own the Prime giving it 1 star reviews? How are those reviews even still up? Apple forums are that way, fanboys -->

    2) The GPS isn't pinpoint. Who really cares? Are you planning on getting lost in the wilderness where somehow a more accurate GPS will help you find your way home? Who honestly thinks this is even worth docking 1 star. IT was a stupid oversight on Asus's part, but if this device didn't have GPS at all, I'd still buy it.

    3) Do not get the TF700T. People seem upset because they early adopted the TF201 and now Asus announced the TF700T. As recently announced, Asus will charge a $100 premium for a different case backing (read: GPS upgrade), upgrade from 720p to 1080p resolution, and a 0.7 mp upgrade on the front facing camera.

    Everything else is the same.

    This is the worst way to spend $100 I can think of. The difference between 720p and 1080p on a 10 inch screen isn't all that amazing or necessary. Additionally you can count on the battery life being worse to support the higher res (no evidence, but Asus said battery life will be "comparable" - code talk for worse but only slightly). The camera upgrade is negligible for 100% of users. So if it's worth it for you to drop $100 for better specs on paper, have at it. I'd rather spend that money toward the keyboard dock.
  • shannonmegan85 - My bibleGreat book. Love how its been updated to include color. A must need for medical school student that are in basic sciences
  • Maureen Johnson - No longer a lone wolfI wasn't having any luck on eharmony and one day I went to casual encounters on Craigslist. That's when my life changed forevermore. I saw a post about a man who saw a beautiful woman at Pizza Hut with a wolf shirt and purple crocs. He then described me and my Mountain three wolf moon short sleeve tee. I messaged him back and our romance bloomed after our first date at Denny's. I moved into his trailer shortly after and it wasn't until two weeks in when he had developed a bad case of back lice that I realized he was the one for me. I went to shave his back off and that's when I saw it.... A beaitiful tatto covering his back, a lone wolf standing before a flowing waterfall and crying at the moon. I knew that these two lone wolves would never again be lonely. Thank you Mountain Three Wolf Moon Short Sleeve Tee!!!
  • Jacquie Grinley - Such an AWESOME CameraI purchased this camera because I was looking for a camera that had more than 3x optical zoom. This camera has 12.5x optical zoom and it takes AMAZING pictures. I love it. I went hiking today and not only did it take spectacular pictures, but there is also special effects that I wasn't aware of until I was fiddling around with the settings and the special effects are FANTASTIC! My favorite one is the sparkly one, and it makes all your pictures look magical! I cannot wait to go other places and use this camera. I am just so excited.
    Totally worth the money you are spending. I would recommend this camera to anyone. It's a simple camera, nothing too complicated.