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  • Craig West "Jazz Fan" - The Shadow FactoryQuite an eye-opener into the "vacuum cleaner" methodology for monitoring the world's communications. Completely engrossing from start to finish. James Bamford provides wonderful insight into the workings of NSA, and the changes in collection techniques necessitated by our constantly evolving technology. Highly recommended reading for anyone interested in the business of intelligence gathering methods, and for understanding the magnitude of the analysis task of the "take."
  • Sweet Cee "Candace" - Appropriate Book TitleThis book probably tells it better than others. Michael and the rest of the Jackson family were not able to hide or avoid some things as much as in other readings. There will always be those secrets, but who doesn't have secrets. I know I do and I'm not telling. It's nobody's business. Being a true Michael Jackson fan I found this book to be upfront and honest. I truly enjoyed reading it and it made me realize that although very rich and very famous, Michael Jackson did not love himself. He turned a beautiful face into a clown-face. So sad...