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  • K. Kiesel - My favorite green drink/meal replacement!!I tried a lot of different types of meal replacements and green drink mixes. Out of all of them this was the second-most expensive, but it is the one I always return to because of the fact that it's RAW and because of the amazing flavor! Seriously, at first I wasn't sure about it, but now that I am used to it, I find it addictively delicious! I couldn't imagine mixing it in juice. I barely ever eat sugar, and this is definitely sweet enough for me. Juice is actually too sweet for my tastes. I find that I love mixing this in just plain cold water, or, even better yet, cold coconut milk. If you don't like the flavor at first, give the coconut milk a try. I use plain unsweetened, but a vanilla one would be nice, too, or you can add a little vanilla yourself. I use almond milk when I want something a little different. I just use one scoop of Raw Meal about twice a day when I feel hungry. I definitely felt a difference after using it for a few days. Digestion became very regular, mental acuity was stronger, and my energy levels and blood sugar were more stable, too. I think mixing the powder up in something cold enhances the flavor. I also drink it fairly quickly before the chia seed in it has a chance to swell. It gets very thick at that point - but I still love it that way! You can always add some more liquid if it gets too thick. I have a small shaker, and I just pour in one scoop, 8 oz. of cold whatever, put the lid on and shake it up as I'm running out to the car. I do use other green powders and meal replacement drinks occasionally, mainly so I don't get sick of this one since it's my favorite, but also to save money. However, the Amazon price is great, and if you want to by it at your local store, Garden of Life and Whole Foods often provide $5 coupons. You can buy single-serving packs of it if you just want to give it a try. I recommend just using half a pack with 8 oz. of liquid if it's your first time. The full serving is too much for me, and you might need to try it twice to get used to the flavor. The only part I don't like is when I get to the last sip. The biggest particles from the powder are always at the very bottom by then, and whatever seed or sprout they come from, it is not the tastiest one in the mix. Just let the last few drops go, and you'll enjoy the experience more. Believe me, I tried everything, and there are some truly horrible-tasting green drink mixes out there. This one was very palatable after trying all the rest of them! Raw Meal is an investment, but I'd rather invest in my health now than in mopping up the consequences of not taking care of myself later.

    If you like the flavor as much as I do, another thing you can do is add just enough water or milk alternative to the Raw Meal powder to make a thick paste, almost a dough. Then roll it into balls and pop them into a baggie for snacks later. You can roll them in cocoa powder and maybe a little cinnamon if you want some variation. I also add a tsp. of organic unsweetened cocoa powder to my Raw Meal drink sometimes. Cinnamon can be added, too, or anything else you like. If you have your own recipe or variation feel free to share it!
  • "pattikate" - SEIZURE CONTROL on SCD!Our daughter's first seizure came at the age of 17 days. Later we learned she had a congenital brain defect. Various anti-epileptic medications were tried over the next four years. None were successful. One was downright disastrous and caused a dangerous reaction and a nearly fatal status seizure. A new neurologist suggested the Ketogenic diet, which gave us a full year virtually seizure free. The second year of Keto found us frustrated, with seizures creeping back. Her ability to tolerate the diet was changing and it just stopped working. After two years and three months, we stopped the diet in January of 2003 but stuck to a wholesome, healthy diet without sugar or white flour..... never returning to a "typical" American diet. Seizure-wise, she was the same...a few every month. Another parent told me about SCD and the fact that they were getting seizure control on this diet, and resolving some digestive issues. Not wanting to return to more drugs, I immediately bought the book and started Katera on the SCD (April '03). By week four, completely seizure free, I knew we were on to something. It has now been 8 months and Katera has had only four seizures in all that time. We had an unbelievable 5 month stretch where we saw none at all, though a recent viral illness triggered a couple. We manage these when necessary with emergency meds. SCD is a wonderful change from the previous diet, although I still firmly believe that the Ketogenic diet is a miracle for many kids. She has never had any intestinal problems that we know of... and yet this diet works for her. Who knew that the gut was so strongly linked to brain function? Apparently, none of our doctors did, but they are amazed at her progress and want us to keep her on SCD. She is healthy and thriving...and we plan on continuing the diet indefinitely. We have found wonderful support at the Yahoo list for families using SCD for children:
  • James S Grillo "Zachary Grillo" - Very Fun game and info about DRMI waited for this game for a while since 2007 and I bought the galactic edition and I have to say its very stunning. the stages are quite interesting to a point that its becoming a franchise to some people. now to the people who are concern about the DRM. the system was made to stop piracy so that duplicated of a cd fails. now take for example that you reformat, uninstall, change hardware and other stuff that might make you reinstall the game. due to this im sure people are wondering: "Do I need to be charged to get another set of activations". The answer which I spoke to EA support about all of those 2000+ plus users complaining about issue and they said this . Its False. they said they will never charge you for another set. thats for those people who ACTUALLY bought the game. those reviewers are pissed that they cant hack the game. simple enough so to those users. Actually buy the game instead of being lifeless illiterate people that hack all games. do yourself a favor and actually BUY and PLAY the game and then comeback because you FAIL. no exceptions. the guy said I understand completely at the debate and they will not charge you or securom stays on your HD. the securom just checks to see if you have a real CD and not a false. to concerns that if it sucks resources. no it doesnt. since the processors ar epowerful now. the power needed is insignificant to make even the slightest change in speed. one thing to know is that it failed due to the pirate destroyed that system before it even came to the market. so to the people who are wanting this game. Dont be afraid it wont harm your PC in Any form whatsoever. if you ran out of activation. Give EA a call. the number should be in you Spore manual. Have fun

  • Jamie Wilson "Shilom" - The Heist is just a Geist?Gray has come to accept things that the Council has told him, such as when he's eighteen, he will be taken, just like all the other boys. However, his mom, who loves him too much to simply accept this lying down, tells him there is more going on than meets the eye. She slips him a note she shouldn't that questions his whole world, and there begins an amazing novel of what could be any world, even ours. So what happens to the boys who are taken...?