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  • Sam L. - A must have!One goal of mine this year was to become professionally certified in AutoCAD. I registered for the tests and purchased the AutoCAD 2012 Bible as my study guide. I am happy to say that I have passed both AutoCAD 2011 and 2012 associate and professional exams, in fact I did very well.

    The AutoCAD Bible is a great book and resource on all things AutoCAD. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to master their skills in AutoCAD. If you are a beginner or an expert, there is something in there for everyone
  • Karla Paola - Every women should read this book.i doses not matter whether you have a couple, looking for one, or enjoying a single life, this book is helpful. Not only at dating advise and a incredible look into mens psychology, but it also gives good advice you can apply in every aspect of your life to be a better person. A must have, and a must re-read at least every 2 years.
  • p45sc0de - Excellent ProductI had a problem passing inspection, b/c of a failing cat. Shop quoted me $1700 to replace it. Freaking Rip when I can buy all the cats for $600. I bought the cats but I don't have time to replace them. I got this stuff at the same time, used according to the instructions. Reset the CEL light, ran this stuff though the system according to the instructions. Did the drive cycle so everything "ready", no CEL. Ran it down to the inspection station, passed inspection!!! Drove it for about 2 more tank fulls, CEL came back on.

    Bottom line it served it's purpose, got me to pass inspection, saving me time to work on changing the cats at my leisure.

    I'm contacting the manufacturer to resell this stuff, b/c it works.
  • Richard R. Robson "rrr" - Great for DeveloperI am a retired old geezer who still likes to keep his hand in the development arena and his mind out of the pickle jar. I do several websites for various non-profits and use SQL Server and especially SSMS in the development.

    If your environment is SQL Server you can't beat the developer edition for the price.

    Only con is that SSMS will not manage SQL CE 4.0 databases, which I use in two of the websites I develop. Those import/export tasks would come in quite handy.
  • Lia "nuvocollegian" - The Final Word on Michael Jackson: THE BESTI've read this book 4 times now since buying it; I have to say this is my favorite book of all time. I've never even read biographies before Michael's death and now this is my favorite, reading it I cried in sections and laughed out loud in others. People always talk about Michael, this book is the real Michael, and it is illuminating. Gone away is the notion of the shy timid guy and introduced is a sexy suave and creatively stern businessman in his 20s during the Thriller era all the way up till his passing. Michael is ballsy, defiant and incredibly sexy as Tamborelli goes through the life of Michael Jackson from signing the Motown contract, to the hits, family troubles, VICTORY fiasco and other great stories you truly begin to understand Michael. This is the best book on Michael Jackson right after his work, Moonwalk. Why am I saying this is the most reliable because out of all the MJ novels on bookshelves (MJ: Final Years, On Michael Jackson, Jacko: Rise and Fall and etc) Tamborelli even provides his sources in the back of the book for all those skeptics. Randy and Michael have been friends since he was 13 and has been a close person in his life. His writing is reflective and not as judgmental as the other previously discussed novels, Tamborelli has been documenting Motown artist for years. This book gives readers insight into Michael's career and even his "KINKY" love life with Lisa Marie Presley (YES, READ IT) The main reasoning I think everyone should read this is solely on the Jordie Chandler chapter alone, this book should eliminate all the hideous and horrendous things said about Michael Jackson and provide the Michael Jackson everyone should know: the human one.