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  • Garrett Trahan - Good build, Bowflex price, quality productVery solidly built, quality Bowflex product (yet you are going to pay for the Bowflex name!) that is basically a necessity with the dumbbells. Ordered the stand and the dumbbells with Prime and got everything the next day for a whole $5 in shipping. Can't beat the Prime service and shipping rates. I would like to see a cheaper bundle option as this stand is basically a necessity unless you want to set the dumbbells up on a table. This stand is build to perfectly house the dumbbell weight trays and straps them down perfectly.
  • Lauryn_Smith - Product works when you put the effort in :)Read the reviews before I purchased it, glad I did. Been using this product for 2 weeks and lost 2 inches already. I have tried others and all have seemed to fail, either it be nasty side effects ( headaches, jitters, heart racing, etc.) I've seriously have had NO nasty side effects from this product. The pills are medium sized, I hate taking pills, but these seem to be very easy to swallow for me. I read most of the reviews before purchasing and was leary of getting them, but after 2 weeks, if you follow the directions , EXERCISE and eat healthier, you WILL SEE RESULTS lol. I usually take the recommended dosage, take a walk with the dog and an exercise video....not that hard . I did give up the caffeine and junk food which also helped. The pills do help you curb your appetite, but not to where you are starving yourself. I usually cook a big plate of a meat, veg and salad for the whole family and can only eat half of my plate and feel full. Im a 30 yr old mom, telling you like it is. Im not trying to sell this product or feed you lies. The product works, you just have to have the will and mindset to push yourself to see results.