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  • zionred "zionred" - Thank God for Coulter.Hated by the left (for challenging them) and adored by most of the right, Coulter is arguably one of the most controversial conservative pundits in America today. Why? Because she is a conservative woman that speaks her mind. She offers a "no-holds barred," anti-political correctness response to the ever-increasing lunacy of the left's ideology. She is a voice of truth that breaks through the underlying liberal media bias so obviously prevalent in today's society. Coulter, along with a few other conservative intellectuals, have opened the door to conservative thought in a way that has never been allowed due to the aggressive and antagonistic monopolies that the liberal media have enjoyed for many years. Now, however, there is a more even "playing field" with more and more conservative apologists breaking into the mainstream every day.

    This current book is a collection of Coulter's most challenging editorials and a few that were never published due to the lack of "backbone" some publishers exhibited. Coulter takes on such "hot-button" issues as abortion, gun control, education and much more. As well as insights into her personal life (no, she's not the cold-hearted witch that the left tries to paint her as). Her well-informed arguments leave little, if any, room for questioning.

    This is an excellent book that should be read by all (even liberals, if they aren't afraid of being enlightened). It's a shame that most of the Republicans in political office don't take after Coulter's example speaking truth whether or not it "reaches out" to the other side. If they did, we'd see a lot more progress in America today. Instead, they're so afraid being thought of as "mean-spirited," that they often compromise their beliefs instead of standing up for them. Liberals never compromise nor do they offer their hands in a spirit of compassion towards us. So, why should we when it comes to our principles?
  • Christina Snow - A- rating.....My Review:
    I adored the first book in this series, She Can Run, so I was thrilled when Melinda asked me if I wanted to read this book. And it definitely lived up to expectations. Someday I want to be able to write romantic suspense like Melinda Leigh does!! Tons of action, seriously creepy bad guys, amazing emotion, and lots of just fabulous characters that you can't help but to fall in love with....

    This book features Rachel. She's had to give up her dreams after a riding accident left her with a shattered shoulder. She's returned home and is working to set up her grandfather's homestead into a profitable horse farm. Upon returning home though she finds her sister's marriage is in a bad place and her sister's alcoholic husband is becoming abusive. That's just the start to her troubles. She also has someone (maybe the sister's husband or maybe someone else) causing problems on the farm.

    Mike is the police chief. He has his own set of problems starting with huge amounts of guilt over the fact that a woman died at the hands of a serial killer in his town last year. He is guzzling mylanta like it's water and avoiding his doctor friend, Quinn. It doesn't help things that the police force is short-handed and the city council are putting tons of pressure on Mike. The last thing he needs to do is become involved with Rachel, especially since she is part of an ongoing (actually several ongoing) investigations.

    Both Mike and Rachel are very guarded people. Neither one has a great family background and they definitely have issues with trusting their feelings...Rachel especially. Rachel's mother had some mental issues and Rachel worries about that happening with her...so she keeps herself from everyone. She wants and likes to be alone, but Mike refuses to let her face all of this alone...plus he can't stand the thought of her being unprotected. I loved that about him...he is so protective and alpha about her. He's actually that way about the entire town...thus why he isn't sleeping and guzzling mylanta. You have to feel for the poor guy because how can you not love a guy who wants to take on the protection of his entire town.

    Then there's Rachel....who is independent to the point of it physically hurting her. She could easily destroy her shoulder so that she could never use it again, but even with that threat, she won't ask for help. But when it comes to protective streaks, she's the same as Mike when it comes to her sister and nieces. Really great characters.

    I had NO IDEA who the bad guy was....even when the story was on the verge of revealing it, I kept guessing between three people...so good! You like romantic suspense?? You need to read Melinda Leigh's books! Just a great roller-coaster ride of a read and I LOVED IT!!

    I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.
  • Jerry H - Excellent product for small contractorI bought this software for my plumbing business. I needed a program that would track inventory as well as perform other accounting functions. This program fills all my needs. Prior to this purchase I was using Quickbooks 2011 which does not have the capabilities of Quickbooks Premier Contractor 2012.