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  • M. Childers "genuine book worm" - Great new author.I loved this book. I read so much that finding new fresh authors is exciting. I had looked at this book several times without purchasing it because honestly the back cover blurb just didn't sound interesting. I finally picked it up on a "whim", and glad I did.

    Ths book had a strong story line which will translate well into sequels. The premise of the Psy, changelings and humans co-mingling and their society was intriging and Ms Singh did well capturing the mood of the society. Strong alpha male hero...I love a good alpha male who isn't tooo dominating and Lucas is both. Female lead is also strong, Sascha has a few "weak woman" moments but they are integral to the story line and flow well. Their relationship had just the right mixture of relationship building, sex and believeability.

    I really liked the cast of supporting characters and look forward to reading about Dorian, Vaughn, Kit, Rina, and yummy Hawke.

    I am a die-hard series fan and hope that Ms Singh will be writing several more books in the Psy world.
  • Janet S. - Love it...The iPad mini is a great tablet and the size is perfect for those of us with small hands (and small handbags) . I think one of the things I'm most impressed with is the picture quality. I'd recommend the iPad mini for anyone considering buying a tablet.
  • Bea "book addict" - You MUST read this book!Oh WOW... this was an amazing read and I loved every second of it. The book reminds me a bit of the "Red Tent" if you've ever read it. It's got a biblical feel to it but it could easily have taken place at any time. There is a lot of adventure and a bit of a love story and so much else that it's difficult to even review it. It was one of my favorites for this year and I read a LOT of books! I highly recommend that you don't miss out on this book. It would be a great book for any book club as there are a lot of discussion points available. Definitely a worthwhile read!
  • Lone Wolf "Lone Wolf" - For that Natural GlowI bought this can of Uranium as a gift for an enemy of mine and it inadvertently got mixed with the girl next doors facial cream. I thought she was one hot chick before, but she's added a new dimension to the meaning of HOT CHICK! Her skin has an even more beautiful glow about her than before, though I must say she's a great distraction at night as the light emitted from her bedroom window keeps me awake until dawn. As a side note, I pulled a groin muscle and used some of the cream to soothe the muscle with warm radiant heat. There have been some very unexpected side effects that I'm very happy to say have been very welcome by the girl next door. I highly recommend the uranium product. I'd give it 10.5 stars if there were more than 5 available. I do recommend a sleeping blindfold, preferably made of lead so you can get a good nights sleep and protect your eyes from the possibility of cataracts.