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  • Matthew Decker Maurer "mightyhat" - Making Bank in D3I preordered from Blizzard, played within hours of the release, leveled to 60 in the first few days, and began farming Inferno. While not as complex as I had hoped, I find the game challenging and rewarding. I earn about a million gold every few hours of play. Real upgrade drops are extremely rare at this point, but my gear improves incrementally nearly every day through well-planned gear runs and careful Auction House shopping.

    There are certainly some damage scaling issues, especially in multi-player Inferno games, but overall the game is much easier than the negative vocal minority makes it sound. I find it to be an entertaining pastime, and with the RMAH, it is a game that has already paid for itself.
  • Gina - I really love it.This tablet is everything that I wanted in a tablet. It is quick, picture is really crisp and it is easy to operate... One of the best "Mother's Day" present I have received....