New Zealand Institute of Medical Laboratory Science - The New Zealand Institute of Medical Laboratory Science

Country: Oceania, NZ, New Zealand

City: Palmerston North, Manawatu-Wanganui

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  • Gayton81 - Worked as advertisedOk so the first day of taking these not too much happened. But day 2 and after, be prepared (ALWAYS). These pills definitely worked and helped clean my body. I recommend doing these when you will not have to travel any length of a distance but are close to a restroom at all times. These made mine and my spouse's bowels move many times (4-6) times a day so that is why I say be prepared because it wasn't something that would be easing up on you and you have time to drive 15 minutes home, it would hit your stomach and you better be able to stop within 5 minutes. Just trying to be as honest as possible. And soyou can plan, it says to take 4 pills twice a day for 10 days.
  • Yvette Stevenson - Inglesina 2012 Fast Table Chair, FuchsiaThis is an updated version of a chair that I bought for my children years ago and is awesome! My granddaughter, just 5 months when we bought it for her, loves to sit at the table with the family for meals or just to hang out when we are in the kitchen. It is very sturdy and she looks lovely sitting in the fuchsia color. All the colors were great and had a difficult time choosing the color. These chairs are so compact and it is great not to have an additional piece of furniture (high chair) in the way. The pouch in the back is a nice touch to hold her eating bibs in. It's also fun to have her at the table with us!