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  • Madlandin - I own it , I love itWell, I seem to have the contrarian view, in that I actually have PLAYED the game and must say it's fantastic.

    As to all the boo-hoo babies crying about digital rights management and a limit of installations... them's the rules, and it works if you've actually PURCHASED the game. That is the idea... you buy it in order to use it.

    This game has been YEARS in the making and it's finally here... loads of fun... on Mac OSX as well as PC.

    I haven't gotten beyond Creature stage yet, but I'm looking forward to the evolution to galactic stages.

    Many nuances in socialization - game play is fun, generally non-violent (no guns yet). I really like creating and assembling creatures and their looks/capabilities, and also seeing what others have done via the online integration - you can see/publish your own creatures and other's creations.
  • - A new high point for Pink FloydI remember being 12 years old and hearing my mother play a tape of this in the car a few months after its release. I remember being an immiture and happy-go-lucky Spin Doctors and Dave Matthews Band band jokingly mocking High Hopes with lines like "And the cement was harder. And bottles are plasticer." Now, I am a smarter 17 year old Portishead fan who has everyone of those cassette tapes Mom bought of Pink Floyd in his room. Of those tapes, I consider this album behind only Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here in quality. I am so glad to finally have it on CD. If it is not a "real Pink Floyd album" then that's even better! Now there are two bands who can change my mood with a song and drive me to tears and smiles back-to-back (Wearing the Inside Out and Take It Back.) It's too bad the last two Pink Floyd albums are the two most prejudged albums in rock history. I guess you know what Gilmour said "Sometimes you just can't win." Yes, I am fully aware of all of the co-songwriting credits. I see nothing wrong with that. They are just replacing a part of the band that left when Waters bailed. Is there anything wrong with the fact that Waters has secsion musician drummers on his solo albums? Both are merely to improve the work. 85% of the record was written by David Gilmour, his wife and/or Rick Wright ensuring it was not just a faceless bunch of individuals on each song and that is not how it sounds by a long shot. The advise from Lost For Words seems to go right along with the situation described in the second Roger-inspired line of Poles Apart. This album is a mature, grim, and strange journey and a wonderful oddity.
  • Geraldine Ahearn "Author Geri Ahearn" - "A TREASURE-TROVE OF HOLIDAY RECIPES, STUNNING PHOTOS, INSPIRING STORIES, AND MORE!"New York Times bestselling author Ree Drummond, delivers her Masterpiece cookbook, just in time for the holidays. If you have collected her other cookbooks, you will learn that she doesn't disappoint. She has out-done herself in this incredible holiday cookbook. It is beautifully constructed and designed with helpful tips; how-to videos; colorful photos; step-by-step instructions; delicious recipes; and filled with inspiration. The author includes 12 chapters on the celebration of different holidays, with suggestions and tips for preparing these mouth-watering recipes. Overall, she created 378 pages of pure delight that will indeed compliment the cook on those special occasions. The inviting recipes are for family meals, or social gatherings. Each special holiday is covered with creative meals, desserts, and treats. Some of the recipes include Glazed Ham; Carmel Apple Rolls; Cupcakes; Cookies; Smoothies; Pies; Soups; Salsa; and more. This creative, inspiring cookbook warms the heart, and is the perfect holiday gift for friends and family. Extremely useful, enjoyable, and inspiring. Highly recommended!
  • Aaron P. - Excellent collection of songs....a must haveAnimals may be an underrated Floyd album but it is definitely one of their best. Dogs, Pigs, and Sheep are wonderfully composed songs that are brimming with emotion and showcase David Gilmour's skillfull playing. Pigs on the Wing pt 1 and 2 are a perfect album opener and closer. I highly recommend this album.