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  • Daniel Diaz "Daniel Diaz" - A book well worth reading, minus the hateful writings from previous owner.I ordered this book by Ann Coulter. I was very happy to receive it because I enjoy reading her raw and to the point style of book writing. However, upon opening the cover I found a bunch, (an entire Manifesto) of hateful things being said about Ms. Coulter as well as the Republicans, World War II Veterans and everything else that makes no sense.
    I have always received great items from Amazon, however, in this case the person who sold me said book should have either not sold it or informed anyone who was going to buy it that it was filled with all this hateful commentary from an obviously delusional and biased seller. I cannot say for certain if the "seller" knew this was in the book, but in all honesty, if you sell something you had best know if it is going to piss off the person who bought said item.

    In short, having someone write said Manifesto, as well as gluing the same one in the middle of the book is childish and should not be tolerated by Amazon or any other self respecting book seller. I give the book big thumbs up and the person who wrote the comments a kick in the rear, since that seems to be where their brain is. In any case, I would recommend this book to anyone with common sense and Patriotism. As far as the Leftist who wrote all this hateful stuff, I will ensure I remember your name after I have the fingerprints run through LIVESCAN and determine who you are...

    Buy the book, read it, and add it to your collection. My copy may be tarnished, but the content is still to the heart and core of the problem of this nation-Liberals.
  • kayaly2004 - My lifesaver!Ok here's a topic everyone loves.....SWEAT! A topic that's even better is a sweaty woman! I don't know what is wrong with my nody, but it hates me. I produce so much sweat that it's like my body is continually in a sauna even when I'm not hot. It's actually quite ridiculous and embarrassing. Having makeup slide off my face because there is so much sweat trying to come out from underneath it. Yes, amazingly attractive. Or having to wave at people with just my arm bent at the elbow because who knows if a river is going to come flowing from my I have tried so many lf the so called "prescription strength" antiperspirant, and talking to my doctor would have just humiliated me more. Then I saw these on the top shelf of the deodorant isle. I read the box and decided it couldn't hurt to try them. If it fried my pits at least they might not sweat anymore right? I tried them when I got home after I washed of my current piece of crap antiperpirant. Each wipe came in its own little packet. I tore into one and slathered it on my armpits. They felt wet and tingly, and that stuff on the wipes smells wierd. But after a minute or two my pits dried. I went outside and mowed my lawn. It was hot a muggy, so it was a perfect day to try this stuff out. After I got done, I was an absolute sweaty mess, but my pits were dry! I about peed down my leg I was so happy. I have been using this stuff ever since on my armpits, my face, the backs of my's great. If it works on a sweaty person like me, it should work for normally sweaty people too.
  • Edward J. Husar - Must have for home theater ownersIf you love music and have a home theater then this is a must have Blu-ray. Great footage and the neon bracelets are incredible on my 130'' home theater screen. You won't be disappointed. I have watched this a few times already and I use it to demo my system. Visual masterpiece and sound-gasm worthy.
  • Barry J. Gillis - I NOTICED THAT SOMEONE WAS SELLING THIS HERE FOR $2500.00 (Madonna, Paris Hilton, you listening???)For $2500.00 you know that the price is just right for the rich and famous. You just know that some KNOB is going to buy a jug for $2500.00 and declare it Gods gift to humanity. Anyway, I also notice that you can even buy a gallon for $69.00 dollars, wow what a great deal. So I can get the $2500 dollar Tuscan GENUINE whole milk for only $69.00 dollars, Holy Bat money clip batman, I'll have to get a jug of this before sales run out. WOW, AWESOME DEAL... Can hardly wait... The sad fact of all of this is... Some moron like Paris Hilton,etc,etc with endless supplies of money to burn has probably bought a jug of this for the $2500.00 one seller is advertising it for... SAD WORLD WE LIVE IN... hahahhaha