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  • DarknessPWNS - The Bread WinnerIve always been a non masculine man, heavily overshadowed by those around me rendered virtually invisible.

    So I thought to myself maybe a change of appearance can make me more manly and get noticed.
    I came across the Three Wolf Moon shirt and immediately thought that this was the shirt for me!

    it arrived seconds after my purchase, as odd as that was i rushed to put it on,
    And that's when the magic happened....

    Immediately after wearing the shirt i developed the greatest craving for Pabats Blue Ribbon,
    My hair suddenly became the ideal Cut, A party in the back and business in the front.
    I even managed to grow enough facial hair to rival my own mother.
    I now found jeff foxworthy funny, and i love me some nascar!

    the Prius i used to drive no longer suited me, IT needed to be a Pick up with that Get-Up-N-Go real men need.
    And with the majestic power of the TWM (three Wolf Moon) i Willed it to be so!.

    The only thing left to do with this Majestic Shirt Was Test its power on the Ladies.
    And Let me Tell You, It Worked Wonders, I Was Able To Finally Win Over The Love Of My Life Cousin Betty Sue with its help,
    and now we live happily ever after in a Renovated Trailer parked in Ma's Backyard.

    With This Shirt YOU ARE A WOLF PACK OF ONE.
  • PhotoJoe "PhotoJoe" - From an old Boy ScoutThis is the same reference book that the doctors use to advise them when we go in for an office visit. It was a whole lot cheaper than an office visit and no forms to fill out or co-pays to pay.
  • Leona K - BEST 14 bucks I've EVER spentI usually don't write review but I just HAD TO write how amzing this is.

    I always had bad breath as long as I could remember. It was so bad that people either turned their heads or moved away from me when I spoke to them. It was not just embarrassing but actually was damaging my relationships with colleagues and friends.

    I tried everything. Went to dentist for annual cleaning, removed wisdom teeth (all of them), made sure there was no cavity, flossed and brushed teeth AND used mouthwash 4 times a day, kept a box of mints (tried most of mints available in the market) at work and home, went through one case of tic-tac per day, drank luke-warm water throughout the day to prevent dry mouth. I even got stomach endoscope to see if my stomach was the cause.

    Then came TheraBreath. I did not think it would work just like every mouthwash, toothpaste, and mints I went through.
    But hey, it's 14 bucks and free shipping - why not?

    Turns out it was THE BEST 14 bucks I've ever ever EVER spent.

    Twice a day and one week later, I woke up and realized I could not smell my breath. Not only morning breath was gone, clean breath lasted ALL DAY.

    This stuff works, people. Buy it and be worry-free!

    Oh, did I also mention TheraBreath does not sting?
  • Paulo - My review is an open letter to the authorI”'ve come to know about this work, specially the book, by a full page reporting in an important newspaper from Brasil.

    The images had such a strength, that I immediatly went to Amazon's page and ordered the book.

    Well, it arrived today and having the book in hands is such an incredible experience. I mean, the images, printed, are so beatiful and full of emotion, that it surprised me again.

    As an amateur photographer, I think portrait is the most noble (and the most difficult) kind of pictures to make. Precisely because it's so “invasive” and the subjects must permit this “invasion” of the lens. It's kind of seduction the photographer must do, to get the cumplicity of the subject. And the author did it so well!!!

    It comes out of the photos the relationship the author got with those people (and those animals, too).

    And the photos are touching precisely because of that; because of the human relationship (even with the dogs) that we can feel between Brandon and them.

    The love the author has for what he chose to do goes to his subjects and reach who see these photos.

    And that's what art and people are about: love!”
  • Keiran Peter Dinnie - Sound adviceAs a guy, I was interested to know what another guy thinks women should know about men. I found myself nodding in agreement throughout the book. Only once or twice did I find myself questioning what Mathew said and that was usually when I thought he generalised about men too much. However, just as it is generally true for women to love, for example, flowers and weddings, I'm sure that what Mathew says about men is generally true too. The book helped me pause to reflect on how both sexes may be too quick to judge the other sex or may regularly misconstrue certain behaviours. This would be a good book for every father (or mother) to give to his or her daughter.