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  • J.R. Janicek "J.R." - Works Like A ChampFast machine! This is a replacement for an office computer (old XP Pro machine with only a gig of memory) and I really like the fact it has Windows 7 Professional loaded and ready to go. This machine is super quiet, has plenty of USB ports (6, USB 2.0) and has plenty of memory to run a lot of business apps at the same time. There is plenty of room for expansion with various cards in the back. The 500gb hard drive, in my opinion, is a little light considering the inexpensive cost of drives these days, so why not load it with a 1tb drive? It comes loaded with 2gb of memory expandable up to 4gb, which will work for most people. You can't go wrong with this machine, it works just like it should and the case itself is pretty sleek looking.
  • sparplus1 - sparplus1Im so happy i got thos rablet i can take it anywhere i go i can even read my books n noone has to know what book im reading. I choose this tablet over the ipad because i can put a mini sdcard