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The Nebraska Medical Center | Omaha, NE - The Nebraska Medical Center is known for excellence, innovation, quality patient care and is the teaching hospital for the University of Nebraska Medical Center.


Country: North America, US, United States

City: 68198 Omaha, Nebraska

  • Hershey J - What do you expect for 60$?Its irrelevant how long everyone "waited" for this game to come out. All that matters is what you paid and what you got. I think a lot of the negative reviews come from over anticipation, this is easily 60$ worth of game.

    At it's base, playing through the story once, on 1 class is fun and interesting all the way through. The story can be a little predictable, but it's actually a very good story for this genre. New abilities get unlocked all the way through that will change the way you play and add new and interesting decisions. Very fluid and smooth is how I would describe it. That's almost 60$ right there, but would be a little dissapointing.

    Then there are achievements, different areas and encounters spawn on different play throughs, and multiplayer to play with your friends and 5 completely different classes with completely different playstyles to try all adding to replayability. Ok, easily 60+ $ now.

    There are also additional difficulties beyond normal, that continue to allow you to level and add new abilities, and ramp up the challenge. The game surely has its flaws, but it's definitely worth the buy and play.
  • D. C. H - 100% Effective all of the time!When I am stuck in a binder, I make sure it is the Avery Durable View Binder with 2 Inch EZ-Turn Ring, White, 1 Binder (17032). As a PhD student who is not only part of the 47%, but also a proud member of the 99%, this binder is 100% effective all of the time. Whether I am contemplating a voucher system for my medical services, the modification of social security or not being paid the same as males, I file everything away with me in my secure two inch binder. I would be nothing without my binder, heck I would even contemplate voting if not for this secure device!
  • stefany9579 - Best Foundation Ever!I have problem skin-- breakouts, and splotchy red spots-- that I hate, and this is the first foundation I've ever found that actually covers it(not just makes it lighter), and makes it look like I have flawless skin-- AND it's not cakey or fake-looking. It makes you look like you have NATURALLY beautiful skin. To top it off, it's actually good for your skin, too. I love it, and I'll never switch back to the old garbage I used to use.
  • Gina Central "GinaCentral" - Worth the money... whether you have issues with odor or notI have not had any issues with odor except after my monthly flow and it would only last a day or two. So I decided to give this a try because I am against douching with chemicals etc. The product works just like it says. Instead of suffering with that after flow odor for a day or two... totally gone period. I have been using it regularly not just after my period as it does make you feel more clean than not using. So you will become addicted to that very clean feeling.

    I do wish the plastic hanger was a little sturdier and adjustable. I am 5ft and with it hanging on my shower I would have appreciated maybe six inches longer to give more room to reach everything. But its okay I can make it work.

    If you have vaginal odor and have been to a doctor for diagnosis and the doctor is not able to help you then give this a whirl. It is exactly as described and does exactly what it says. Money well spent.
  • Debi Harris "Debi" - Wen Summer Mango Coconut Cleansing Conditioner - Wow!!!!This is a beautiful scent, but Wen shampoo is the best I have ever used, bar none! I will never go back to using regular shampoo ever again, so Chaz, please don't ever stop making this awesome shampoo. You will throw away all your other hair products, shampoos and conditioners after trying it, so it's worth every penny! Every scent of Wen is great, including the original scent. Wow, what an awesome product! I loveeeeeeee it!!!!