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Country: Europe, PL, Poland

  • Rodd Hall - Continuation Of A Great ProductI am a long-time user of Quicken for my personal - and sometimes business - financial tracking and planning needs. As a Beta tester of Quicken Premier 2012 I have worked with it for over two months and found it to be another in a long line of great software products. Even in Beta status it was rock solid, and by the end of the test Intuit had corrected even the very few problems found. There were not as many changes as usual with this version, but I found the new budgeting tools to be worth the upgrade from previous Quicken versions. And for the first time user trying to choose a personal financial software product, Quicken is a no-brainer. Over the years I've tried the competing software tools more than once, and have always come back to Quicken for its range of features and ease of use.
  • Renee D. - Pricy but very effective. Check Costco and Amazon both before buying.I used these after getting a water-borne illness while abroad and taking Cipro. Even after the initial sickness was cured, I kept having recurring awful stomach pains. My doctor said there wasn't much to do besides take probiotics, and recommended this brand in particular. I started feeling better after about a full pack, kept taking them for 3 months. Highly recommend. You can sometimes find them at Costco, but Amazon is often the best price.
  • Gustavo - Another amazing Football ManagerWell it's one of my favourite games all time, and this year is superb.
    The players skills analysis is getting better and better, and as usual they allways predict almost exactly how a player will develop.
    The management of the club is getting really close to the reality , for example, FcPorto manager talks to you and say "We want offensive and possessive football" which is the gamestyle of the team, and you get to see what people in clubs actually do by playing a game.
    The interactions with the staff,directors,players and journalist is much better then last year and a lot less buggy.
    The graphics are getting better as welll, so to sum it all up, imagine 12 but more real!