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  • Christine Holzmann "Music junkie" - EXCELLENT!I honestly don't know how I would be able to manage my business without Quickbooks. Apart from being my main (only) business accounting/invoicing/budgeting/reporting/time tracking (I can go on!) program, I find that it also serves as my one-stop project-management centre. Everything within QB is also SUPER-SPEEDY and each little detail is very easy to track down, thanks to the lightning-fast search features. THANK you Intuit for a truly terrific program!
  • Molly Gandolfo - A must have for all Dr. Who fans!This is a definite must-have for any Dr. Who fan! It is a great companion book to Matt Smith's first season as the 11th Doctor, providing an in-depth episode guide along with wonderful behind the scenes stuff, interviews, and even some additional back-story about Winston Churchhill's interactions with the Doctor over several Regenerations. It just seems to fill out the season and add any missing pieces, especially the juicy stuff like bloopers, cast quotes, and alternate story ideas and casting that we never got to see on the final cut. My husband and I are tried and true fans, have been for many years, and always love adding these books to our extensive Dr. Who collection.
  • JAYBIRD - Daughter very happyMy daughter found out, that the CF4 she had been using for the past three years was no longer recognized on the NCAA list of acceptable bats, shortly before boarding the plane to Florida for Spring training. She called me in a mild panic begging me to get her a new bat in time for the regular season. With no way for the two of us to take a run to the local sporting goods store and try out few, I reluctantly hit the web and searched for a bat meeting her criteria. I hate purchasing any sports equipment without being able to handle it beforehand. Especially a bat. But the circumstances being what they were, I was happy to find the one I was looking for at Amazon and for the best price on the web.
    The CF5 is an exceptionally well balanced bat with plenty of pop. My daughter is very happy with it. And I was happy to be able to have it shipped directly to her at school in time for the start of the season.
  • Taurus - Dirty SecretsAfter September 11, 2001 this country and it's leaders embarked on a mission to locate and destroy the terrorist home bases in Afghanistan. Our first aggressive actions to destroy the Taliban and their leader Osama bin Laden were very successful except for constantly missing the main target, bin Laden himself. The author Jeremy Scahill has really done his homework and what this book brings home to the reader is just how badly we took our eye off the ball. On September 12, 2001 America had the whole world behind them, the British Parliament played our national anthem, even the French were behind us. Than almost from out of the blue Iraq became the enemy. The Bush administration dishonored itself with lies, Colin Powell going against all evidence presented the Bush administration's intelligence assessment to the United Nations along with a list of phony statistics showing the real enemy was Saddam Hussein. Suddenly and with little warning we pulled our assets out of Afghanistan and along with the British and lesser so-called allies, performed a full court press on Saddam Hussein. As we all know, almost all, Iraq turned out to be a disaster, an area little understood by our State Department and Pentagon. Precious lives were wasted along with treasure. We alienated the Muslim world and fought terrorism as if it were a hostile nation, forgetting that we had always (falsely) prided ourselves on the fact that we were a nation of laws with a two hundred year old constitution, backed by a Supreme Court. Instead of using our law enforcement assets to combat terrorism we declared war on anywhere in the world where we believed a terror cell popped up. We kidnapped suspects, unlawfully imprisoned and assassinated suspects. We conducted indiscriminate bombings, home invasions and created a carpet of destruction. We violated the Geneva Convention and all other conventions that attempt to make war more humane. We tortured thousands and many died. We have come full circle since September 12, 2001 to 2013 where polls taken throughout the world pick us as the number one terrorist in the world. This book is a must read if your a true (so-called) patriot. The author, Mr. Scahill expertly lays out all the dirty laundry and it's nothing to be proud of. We go about indiscriminately killing both friend and foe with an amazing lack of oversight. Families and tribes in some of the Muslim countries that have be waging ongoing tribal friction take money from American's for giving false intelligence on their tribal foes causing horrendous military actions by U.S. special ops and the U.S. Air force. We have created illegal detention centers around the world where suspects disappear. We send some individuals without legal representation or formal charges to countries who really know how to torture. The average American citizen is oblivious of U.S. global actions taken over the last 12 years. I grew up always thinking that American's at war were the (fictitious) WWII G.I.'s always handing out candy, always taking prisoner's and treating them fairly. Of course, since I am now in my mid-70's and a history buff I understand that I was overly naive to say the least. O.K. War is not for the weak of heart, but what this country has condoned in the name of anti-terrorist actions is unfathomable and Americans should know what their government in the name of security to the homeland is perpetrating on others who were no more guilty then the poor souls caught in the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. Read this book, it's imperative.