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  • C. Wizner "gadget girl" - More than expected!I have had Peg Perego in the past when my 10 yr old daughter was born. I was very pleased then, which is what swayed my purchase from Uppa Baby and Britax. I couldn't be happier!! The material, the construction, everything about this stroller is exactly what I was hoping for. It folds easily, has options like the bassinet stand and one of the only strollers to offer an actual child tray, not just a cup holder. Overall, extremely satisfied!
  • Arielle M. - Keeps my lady parts in orderIn addition to what everyone else has said, I can organize all the documentation I have on my lady parts, and any medical procedures or medication pertaining thereto, in one of these binders. Comes in handy in case R's government wants to know why I haven't conceived in a while or why my husband has a rash (not that he does, of course, but if he did...). SO helpful!

    I hear there are lots of openings right now for handmaids The Handmaid's Tale (Everyman's Library). Good to know, since that's the sort of job that would allow me to exercise my lady bits in a government-approved manner.

    PS - that "durable view" is a lifesaver! How else could I get honest appraisals of the quality of my lady parts, if nobody can see them?
  • miscetc1 - A fantastic, easy to use product that really works!!I recently lost a side tooth. After years of being known for my smile, I found myself awkwardly holding my mouth in weird positions or putting my head down to laugh or holding a hand up to my mouth when I smiled looking sideways. I don't have dental insurance at this time, and I can't afford the out of pocket expense for an implant or a temporary bridge. And thanks to Temp Tooth, I don't need either!

    After a Google search, I came across Temp Tooth. I was sure it was too good to be true. But it really, really works! I made a tooth in about 20 minutes. I made two actually. And that includes the time it took to look over the instructions. There is plenty of material, and it really is a simple and easy process. The "tooth" is durable, and it pops right in to the spot where missing tooth used to be. I felt instantly better about my smile.

    I have eaten with the tooth. I take it out at night as recommended. I carry an extra one in my purse in case something happens to the first one I made, but so far so good.

    I am thrilled that for a little over $30 (I paid for priority shipping) I received a product that changed my life and confidence for the better. I have an even greater appreciation for the real teeth I do have, and I am so grateful to the makers of Temp Tooth for creating a wonderful, affordable tooth substitute that can carry me through until I can afford a more permanent solution.

    I highly recommend this product to anyone who is missing a tooth! Fantastic product!!
  • Eliz CT "Eliz CT" - Giving it a try / Good dealI finally decided to try Align after many years of suffering with IBS and trying several different medications and natural remedies. I have read many great reviews on this product so I am very hopeful. I just want to be able to function normally and get through my day without intestinal pain, anxiety, stress and depression. Today is day two and I know it takes time. I am praying Align helps me. Wish me luck!

    The rating I gave is for the good deal I found.
    After shopping around, I found this product at Bj's Wholesale Club for $45.99 for a 63 count. Try your local wholesale club too.