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  • Donna A. Leahey "Donna Anne" - SAVED MY LIFE!!!!Not being the most computer literate person out there, I mistakenly plugged this cable into my phone jack (Yes, I still have a land line, why do you ask?).

    The first time picked up the phone to order a pizza, I was interrupted by the doorbell. There was a young man standing there with my medium pepperoni with green olives, and I hadn't even placed the order!

    Before I could even go back into the house, a plumber arrived to fix the plumbing that hadn't even clogged yet!

    Later, I wanted to call my mother to check on her, but when I picked up the phone, it was my older self - 10 years in the future! She was talking to me from her death bed. She said that I was about to meet my on-again-off-again-boyfriend/friend with benefits/and eventual husband, but that I must stay away from him. Far, far away from him. You see, I was destined to give birth to the woman who would save the world from the machines, but, as it turns out, the machines of the future ALL use Denon AKDL1 Dedicated Link Cable, so they knew about this prophecy and how my daughter would defeat them. So, they sent a man back in time who would prevent me from marrying the man I was supposed to marry. For my future self, it had worked, and once he was sure that there would be no promised one, he tried to kill my future self.

    But thanks to the Denon AKDL1 Dedicated Link Cable, now I know better than to get involved with THAT loser!
  • R. Ford "Rowina" - Hungry ? Not anymoreMy doctor received an email from Dr. Oz about Garcinia Cambogia and she told me to look up the product. I'm obese and I got too scared to have gastric surgery; so I'm trying again to lose weight. You know how many products say it will curb appetite and you'll lose weight. Well so far I can say I'm not hungry, the appetite suppression does work and I lost 6 pounds without trying...meaning I didn't exercise and I was still eating poorly. I thought imagine if I TRIED, meaning I'm combining this with a protein packed green smoothies for breakfast and exercise. I tend to forget to drink now at night, which isn't good but I'm working on it. Another benefit is better sleep due to the serotonin being released and I didn't realize it for a week, but NO waking up at 3:00 AM!! I've been waking up face down, wrapped around my pillow at 5:45 am !! Dr. Oz hasn't endorsed any brand but he said to look for 50% HCA, no binders or fillers and it needs two nutrients to help absorption. Nutrigold formula is 60% HCA and its working for me.
  • T. Miholick "tomihok" - Pure musical artistry. The best Pink Floyd ever.Pink Floyd does not have any bad music, but of all their albums, this one is comprised of nothing but awesome tunes; everyone of them is great. I listened to this CD every day for the first two months after I received it then it got stolen at work. I drove to Best Buy to get it again quickly. This is one of my all time favorite albums; you will be very pleased with this one.