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  • Louis Gaudio "ScreamingforVengence" - Awesome ReferenceGreat resource for real world administrators. Even though it's over 1500 pages there is not much fluff. The author gets to the meat and potatoes of the topic with very little hand holding or repetition. A book you can read cover to cover. The active directory section is one of the best I've read on the subject, on par with Kouti and the Oreilly book. A must have for Windows Server 2012/Active Directory administrators in the field
  • BelNus - Breaking the Vicious CycleWe got this book from the library along with several other books on the subject. The other books were slicker, more professional looking, so we left this one for last to look through. It reviewed several medical problems that did not concern us, but when we got to the general description of how the digestive process works and what can go wrong with simple what to do about it suggestions and recipes - well, then we found we could not do without this book and had to buy it. We use is regularly now. By the way, we too are more regular.
  • A. Manz "Zombies ahead. The weak will not sur... - Great playmat for babyMy husband and I purchased this for our daughter when she was about 2-3 months old. She is now 6 months old and still loves it. She can lay down or sit up at the piano. We can swap out the toys on the toy bar as well to give her different toys to play with. The mat is also machine washable and I've washed it many times and it still looks new. Also easy to just wipe off. I highly recommend.