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  • D. S. Thurlow - On the Road in Alaska and Northwest Canada...The 2012 edition of "The Milepost" is the latest edition of a uniquely useful travel guide to the limited road network in Alaska and the Northwest Canada provinces of British Columbia, the Yukon, and Alberta. This guide is a must-have resource for those planning an extended trip, whether by car, RV, or camper.

    Alaska and Northwest Canada constitute a huge area with significant terrain and weather variations, and far less travel infrastructure than most travelers are used in urban Canada or the lower '48 states. Visitors should not expect gas stations, restaurants, and franchise motels at every exit from the main roads. They should also not expect that facilities, or even the roads, will be open year-round. In fact, dangerous weather and driving conditions can be expected as much as six months of the year. In addition, travelors need to be alert to the hazards of close encounters with wildlife, natural hazards such as avalanches, and even the landing of private planes in the road.

    "The Milepost" offers maps, diagrams, and a nearly mile-by-mile travelogue for the main roads of the North Country, along with a generous selection of photographs and adverts for attractions, accomodations, and other travel facilities. It is a terrific planning resource for finding the next gas station, museum, scenic overlook, or even "the world's best cinnamon buns" in a vast area where signs and billboards may be scarce. Travelers can and should plan ahead for limited hotel beds, RV hook-ups, and campground spaces. Visitors can also plan ahead for delights such as fishing charters on the world famous Kenai Peninsula or the operating hours of some fascinating small museums, hot springs, wildlife parks, and other roadside attractions.

    "The Milepost" is updated annually to assure the traveler of reasonably current information about construction, ferry schedules and the like. "The Milepost" can also be a guide to the location of opportunities for hiking, fishing, biking and snow machining, although additional local information is recommended. This guide includes scheduling information for the Alaska Marine Highway System of ferries linking coastal Alaska.

    "The Milepost" is very highly recommended to both the visitor and the resident of Alaska and Northwest Canada, which are some of the most scenic parts of North America. Don't leave home without it.
  • Y. R. Wu "The will to win is nothing without ... - No bailout in Motown...I walk down the street, clutching my paper bag. Inside, Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz, and a pack of smokes. It's cold and the wind bites my cheek like a hungry rat. I pull my collar higher and slit my eyes as the banshee tugs at my coat.

    Something pink in the gutter. Metal, twisted. A child's lunchbox. Barbie perhaps. Flattened by traffic, the indifferent tires of the city bus or the gaudy spinners on some drug thug's Escalade. Once upon a time this was the pride and joy of some little girl. Now, discarded, like this city. This city which was once the symbol of our industrial might. Discarded like the union cards of retirees as they watch their benefits shrivel and their 401k's evaporate. Ignored like the leaves which blow into burnt out shells of once majestic houses, to rot in dank corners as the timbers lean and mortar crumbles.

    Michigan Avenue. Four lanes each way but not a car or person in sight. It's dark now and the punks rule the streets. Good people still live here but trying to keep the gang bangers, meth heads and crack fiends out is like holding back the tide with a torn raincoat and a pair of rubber gloves. No one around, no witnesses. They can sneak up behind you, kick you down, steal your wallet and even give you a tattoo with their dirty Air Jordans before anyone comes along to shoo them off. They smell fear with the instinct of hyenas.

    Life has changed for me ever since I started drinking Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz. No more apprehension, even though my limp, a souvenir from 'Nam, gives me away with each step I take. No more hiding like a cockroach.

    I heft the Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz in my hand. The weight feels good. My combination lucky rabbits foot and brass knuckles. Drunk from a tall cold glass, it can be a honeyed elixir giving strength to your weary bones and adding resolve to your spirit. Swung properly, with enough momentum as you pivot on your opposing foot, it can break your opponent's nose like a toothpick. At least my 3 years in the jungle were good for something.

    Dark now. Shadows behind me. From the corner of my eye I count two of them. Punks. They swarm the weak like maggots on putrid meat. They've got something extra coming tonight.

    I tighten my grip on the Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz, slow my walk and smile to myself.
  • Aaron C. Brown - The best got betterI have to begin with a gripe. The first four reviews are implausibly quick, given the length of this book, and are all five-star. Three are from people who reviewed only one product, one is completely devioid of content. The fifth reviewer has reviewed one other product, a razor. I understand the temptation to stuff the ballot-box early by having friends review, but I think you should find real reviewers and insist on some content.

    There are several great valuation books out there. Damodaran on Valuation concentrates on security valuation and is the most academic. Business Valuation is the best for small, private companies. Business Valuation on Wall Street tells you how Wall Street approaches the question. Theory of Valuation is the best on theory. Corporate Finance has the best treatment of valuation among corporate finance texts.

    Earlier editions of this book were the clear leaders in big and complex public company valuation. There is extensive and detailed instruction for a big team analyzing for a big project, whether it is capital budgeting, capital structure, merger, acquisition, restructuring, bankruptcy or any other valuation topic. It is comprehensive and clear. If you work on this kind of project, you need this book. If you don't work on this kind of project, it can still give you a tremendous amount of insight into the factors that contribute to shareholder value.

    The most important improvement in the fifth edition is to go beyond the developed-markets/US-style financial statement presentation to cover emerging market companies in detail. I can't say whether the section is good as I have zero experience in that area, but it sounds right and I trust the authors. The treatment of capital structure and investor relations is considerably improved based on events of the last three years. They also stuck in some useless fluff about the necessity to maximize shareholder value and behavioral finance (I don't mean those aren't interesting areas, just that there's no depth to the presentation in this book, and clearly no real interest by the authors).

    One minor gripe is the examples are usually placed around the beginning of 2008, for a book published in 2010. That's a big difference considering what happened in 2008 and 2009. I understand why you don't want to rework every example of a book this big, but some of the projections are downright comical to someone knowing what actually happened. I suppose that might help readers develop humility, at the end of the day, valuation is a matter of opinion based on highly uncertain information about totally unknowable future events. The weight and slick production values of tihs book might cause some to forget that.