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  • Mama B - Smart & Durable Product!On our second baby now and man do I WISH I had one of these with my first! Such a sturdy, durable, usable and convenient design! I love the thought that was put into this product! Can't say enough about how they even integrated a carrying bag that stays ATTACHED and also that it completely folds into itself!! This thing is going to get SO MUCH USE!
  • Lisa - It works for meAfter trying multiple acne skincare lines such as proactive, drugstore brands, etc. I never found any that worked, they either dryed my face out, irritated my skin, or just didn't work. After searching online one day, I found Exposed, and I can honestly say it's the best skincare line I've found yet. I would for sure rate any Exposed product 5 out of 5 stars. If I get a huge zit, the Exposed dries it up in such quick time. It always gives my skin amazing results and I would definetly recommend it to anyone thats struggling with acne.
  • Regolith - A must-have if you own the dumbbellsI purchased this stand to use with my SelectTech 1090 dumbbells, and it is a perfect complement to the dumbbells.

    Assembly of the stand is simple and straightforward [despite other reviews], and can be done relatively quickly (there are only 9 separate components to it). The only tool you'll need to assemble the stand (that isn't included with it) is a 9/16-inch wrench or socket.

    The stand comes with a set of rubber feet to hold it firmly in place, but it also comes with a set of castors that you can use instead, if you feel you'll need to roll it from one spot to another.

    Once it's assembled, it is solid and firm, even with two 90-pound dumbbells sitting in their racks on it. It holds the dumbbells at a comfortable height, and is much better than bending all the way down to the floor.

    It does come with a 30-year warranty, but since there are really no moving parts or anything to wear out, I expect that it will probably last longer than that.
  • Marissa - Say Goodbye To String FlossI know I should floss everyday but it's such a hassle getting in between your teeth and slightly under your gumline with a piece of nylon string. My dentist noticed I was beginning to develop gum disease around my lower teeth and he recommended I use Hydrofloss. As a strong advocate for dental disease prevention, he researched available water flossing devices and found Hydrofloss to yield the best results for his patients.

    It's a great product and for lazy flossers like me, now there's no excuse not to do it! Pros - nicely designed tip, variable water power allowing you to set the strength of the water jet based on how much you have to clean between your teeth, a button on the stick to start and stop the water jet, a long cord and a large water tank. Cons - somewhat noisy to operate. The product effectively gets the water jet between your teeth and after a meal or eating snacks, you can see all the stuff stuck between your teeth come down the sink. It took a little practice to use it correctly. With the first try, I ended up getting water all over the place but I finally got the hang of it.

    This stuff really works and makes flossing so convenient and almost fun that you'll find it hard to come up with an excuse not to keep your gums and teeth healthy! Don't wait to buy one. You won't regret it.