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  • Kenneth Helling "Mr. H" - Pink Floyd's MasterpieceI personally believe that this is Pink Floyd's best work. The story of a disillusioned rock star's creation of a psychological wall holds this album together nicely. Roger Water's personal connections with the songs heightens the drama and power. I think that a message about fame could be pieced together out of the songs, but I recommend just enjoying the story and wonderful theatrical quality of this piece of art. Tracks I really enjoyed include In the Flesh?, Young Lust, Hey You, Nobody Home, Run Like Hell, and The Trial. The only set back to The Wall is that it is mostly written and sung by Waters. While he is amazingly talented, the rest of the band might have had some great ideas to add. I still loved it though. Long live Pink Floyd!
  • S. Cook "Mommy of Two" - Great Solution for Contraception!These binders are the Presidential challengers best solution yet! These binders provide us women with so many opportunities, but the best that no one has commented on is how to handle the gap when your birth control is no longer covered by your employers healthcare plan and that husband of yours is getting his prescriptions of Viagra and Cialis filled with only a co-pay! For less than $10 here on Amazon, these binders at the perfect size of at least 9 inches wide (because we know thats what all men say they are at least), this sturdy binder can be slammed shut and effectively prevent that critical moment where life may begin. It is very effective in preventing any more chances of pregnancy in that encounter and possibly for days, depending on how quickly and hard you slam it. Please be careful not to snap the critical part of the man in the binder rings....that can lead to permanent contraception. I am so relieved that us ladies have this important option available to us all.
  • todd kennebeck - Best phone I've ever ownedBetween my wife and I, we have had a SG3, Iphone 4s, and now the lumia 920. The Lumia 920 in our opinion is the best smartphone out of the three. The Iphone 4s is now a toy for our son and we sold our sg3 back to get another Lumia 920. If you are contemplating choosing out of one of these three phones (I'd say to even include the Ihpone5 into the list since I don't see many upgrades from the 4s) that we'd choose the lumia 920 and we think that you can't go wrong.