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  • DBM "UturnDave" - I love my ROKU and It will save me $435/yr!My ROKU is GREAT! I have cancelled my Dish Network and watch Netflix and Amazon Prime every day. I was paying $610/year for Dish Network and now my TV entertainment costs are $175/year. I get my news from the Internet, so I am not missing anything. I also like to binge a TV series season in a couple of nights. There are many TV seasons to watch!
  • Mikeinaz - Excellent standard medical referenceParents need to have one of these around as well as senior citizens. I guarantee your health care professional didn't tell you all the information about that drug that you will find in this book. Don't be afraid to get one a couple years old, this information doesn't change a great deal from year to year so you don't need to spend the big bucks for a new one. Ours was a couple decades old so I figured it was time to update.
  • Joshua B. Brackin - Works great as a Network DriveI bought this Seagate 1 TB External HD to connect to my D-Link Gigabit Router. My Router has a USB 2.0 port that allows you to connect network storage. After formatting the Seagate to get rid of the junk that comes installed on it, I have experienced fantastic results. The drive is quick and offers a great amount of storage for the price. It's super quiet and most of all, is a barebones no flares sort of drive.
  • Alastair Halliday - Great buy for our household of boys, BEWARE of amazon reviewer assembly badviceWARNING: Follow the printed directions, not the advice of some amazon reviewers for where to line up the netting.

    My my and I assembled this at night for our boys to wake up to the next morning as a surprise. We have spent countless hours since bouncing on it with endless enthusiasm. The price is fantastic, the build quality VERY good and it handles a good number of us enthusiastically bouncing on it at a time.

    Assembly took a little bit of thoughtful contemplation. The ONLY major setback we had was that we followed an Amazon reviewers advice to correct the alignment of the netting which required to then to have to go back and undo all of the springs, paddings and netting which was extremely time consuming. Had we simply followed the printed directions we would not have had this issue. Our fault. Enjoy!