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MidMeds Medical Supplies: medical equipment, Littmann stethoscopes, Omron Blood Pressure, Seca ECG - MidMeds Medical Supplies, UKs leading supplier to the Primary Care market of Supplies, Consumables, Equipment and Surgical instruments.


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  • Jeffrey Smith "Orthojeff" - Too bad they stopped selling Plutonium Metal - this works in a pinch though.Just when I thought I had enough "starter" metal to start my home Thorium reactor (http://gizmodo.com/this-thorium-reactor-has-the-power-of-a-norse-god-649185119), they pulled it from the market. At least I can use this Uranium Ore in a can to help get our family off the grid "so to speak". Just make your ratios add up, or you might take you and the neighbors "off the grid" a little too far.................
  • Jessie Jeppesen - health bookI am fascinated by this book. Couldn't put it down. One more thing that has been kept from us by the money hungry drug manufacturerers.I live in Roseville, Ca. andl like to buy books from Amazon.