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  • Alfonse Tomato "forging ahead" - beauty and horrorZeitoun is a creampuff to read and then there is a huge lump in your stomach where the content boils. I finished it in a couple of days, finishing on a cross-country plane flight and got off in a furious mood that didn't wear off until the end of a hot bath and a tall cold rum drink. Massive injustice has been done in New Orleans and this book follows it right down to the foundations. You won't read another word about Katrina without finding your thoughts completely reoriented. Let's hear it for the truth.
  • Alaskan Curmudgeon - This topic needs to be on everyone's radarRadley Balko has been writing on this subject for a long time. This is an excellent history of how we got to the point of SWAT teams serving minor drug warrants in the middle of the night, while murder suspects like Aaron Hernadnez are met by detectives in suits who knock politely with their weapons holstered.