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  • Cindi_G - Everything you need to get started!My 17yr old was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Our fear was that he would not be able eat out with the family or friends. This book took that worry away. We have one in all of our cars and an extra in his snack bag. It even helped us at a sports banquet with the buffet menu. Every diabetic should have this book.
  • Heather Hill - Great coverageLove the bareminerals foundations. It helps me cover my blemishes and imperfections without overdoing it with liquid foundation. It is very light and hardly can tell you have makeup on. Will never go back to drug store foundation!
  • maira "book diva" - Loved by my toddlerI loved the fact that I can select and download purchased games that are highly educational at the same time entertaining for my child.

    My child is turning 3, and he has learned a lot from this game/learning console alone. He even teaches me with his new discoveries.

    Be aware that you are going to be asked a lot of why's.
  • Darryl Kinman - Why talk to liberals they don't listen???It is a great book that you find yourself constantly shaking your head in agreement. Ann Coulter shows how liberals side step a credible argument only to critisize the person and or change the subject. Maybe we could get some sense into the liberals if Ann would write bigger books so we could boop them over their heads with it... :-)
  • Jennifer B. - Highly recommend!I appreciate Platt's frankness regarding the state of the American church and where we fall short of Biblical Christianity. The church has become as self-absorbed as the world around us. Let's live to make much of God! After reading "Radical" I recommend going through the "Live Dead Journal" The Live Dead Journal