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  • Jurij Kobal - A tourist guide of all guidesAn amazing travel guide for towns presented in book. i need to go to Istanbul while I will see Venice and Verona totally different than I did by now. The writer is an amazing story teller and all data and all connections in the book are just amazing. Hope Brown will soon write another book it needs to be done soon.
  • Cynthia A. Forrest - Align is the probiotic for my IBSI have had Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Proctalgia Fugax since I was a child. I have tried many, many probiotics and medications to calm my colon. However, for some reason, this probiotic works for me. I am not sure why. If I do not take it one day, the spasms in my colon come right back. I just wish the cost of this product was less. The cost of about a dollar a pill is very expensive for me. But trips to the emergency room are VERY expensive and embarrassing.
  • J. Sullivan - Awesome BatThe Louisville Slugger Z-1000 is an incredible piece of sporting equipment! It's balanced just right; the composite structure makes for a lightweight bat that swings quite nicely and it'll whack 'em pretty good, too!

    It has a straight grip, which is perfectly comfortable for me, so far. I'll hold off on the custom tape job until after it gets some miles on it.

    The silver and black graphics and gold embellishments are sharp - I really like the look.

    I'm completely satisfied with the overall high quality and exceptional performance of the Z-1000. It's covered with a one year, one-time warranty; I expect it will last a long time.
  • Invictus Animus - These Pens saved my Life, my Parents' lives, and my FreedomI gotta tell you guys-- when my parents got me these pens as an early Christmas present, I was a little skeptical. At first I refused to use them, but after they took away every other option for writing utensils in the house, I was forced to relent. And boy am I glad I did! Using them has *literally* saved my soul, and turned me onto the righteous path. You see (and I am ashamed to say it), for the last year and a half, I considered myself a transgendered man.

    But now everything has changed. Where once I was confused, belligerent, and sinful, doggedly determined to follow Satan and his minions right into my own personal hell full of penises and privilege, now I am humbled by the glory of God in turning me back to his will and the flock of his followers. Not only have I started growing my hair out again and wearing colors that coordinate with my pens (pink, purple, and new-growth green!), I have started going to church again, and learned the freedom that comes from a lifetime of equal work for almost-3/4-pay. Boy was I wrong-- I was just pretending I wanted to be a boy. Now that I'm back in my comfortable pencil skirts and high heels, flirting with white men who make twice my salary, I've found where I truly belong.

    And that is sitting at my kitchen table, using the pinkest Bic pen I can find to make a grocery list to feed my family.

    Thanks Bic! You saved my life!