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Country: Oceania, NZ, New Zealand

City: Auckland, Auckland

  • Tayler - Best bat everI finally bought my daughter a cf5 I said I would never pay that much money for a bat but she deserves it. In her first game of the year and her first at bat she hit a solo home run. I also have another daughter who is just as deserving and I also bought her one. She and her sister play all year round and work so hard at the game. For parents out there whose daughters are so dedicated to the game and don't have this bat but wish they did its worth buying it for them. The bat is expensive but your daughters reaction will be priceless. You would of thought my girls won the lottery. They were so excited because they had no idea they were even getting one.
  • Vicki Jennings - A High Chair for Everywhere!I am so excited to have this chair. It's a gift for my first grand child! My own children had a similar one when they were little (30 years ago) which we drug to grandma's and every restaurant in town! This chair has so many more features, including a much safer clamp for attaching to the table. Three cheers for Amazon for stocking an extremely welcome and useful item!!