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  • JOHN SPANGLER "Johnny Spang" - My daughter can't get enough of it.If you have a little boy or girl, you can't go wrong with this game. It's probably the best Kinect game next to Dance Central. The game is easy for anyone to jump into. My 7yo learned everything it had to offer in about an hours time. She has never been so addicted to a game before. It gets them off the couch, and is a very active game. Lots of kicking, rolling, running and jumping. Considering it's a launch game, I was very impressed how in depth and how much the player was able to do. Besides the kinect motions itself, what really impressed me was how great this game looks. It's obviously the best looking pet game in existence and kids will fall in love with these furry funny felines as soon as the game starts. It's a good mesh of taking care of your pet and setting off a big adventure with your pet on this tropical island. I myself find myself playing it a little bit and I was amazed how much I enjoyed it.

    The only down side with the game is that the controls can be frustrating for little ones and patience is the key. The kicking of the ball and throwing balls and toys at targets can be challenging. But it takes some patience and adjusting to the controls to get it down. The game also has voice recognition for your pet and sometimes it doesn't seem to always respond to your orders or tricks when called out. But overall, it seemed pretty consistent.

    This is a must have game if you have the Kinect, and if you have children, it's a no brainer. Just make sure your kids do their homework before they play this one, because they won't want to quit!
  • David B Pasquarello - Great TabletThe tablet is fast has a bright screen and when connected to the optional; keyboard makes it lite a tiny laptop.
  • Renee Ligman - Great workoutWhat a workout!! The only thing I do not like is your image on the screen, although I am even more motivated to lose the weight. I wish it had a warm up and cool down period like the UFC personal trainer but it is a great workout that has a ton of options...In 2 weeks at 30 mins per day I am already down 8 pounds!
  • David Cox - The Trojan ChurchThis book is not for the faint of heart. It's very forward and some may not like it. But from my point of view if you are tired of feel good church that no longer teaches the gospel as it was meant to be taught and don't no why?? The Trojan Church may give a little light on the subject. As we speak our church's are turning into huge mega church's with sermons that tickle our ears as opposed to a life of spreading the word of God and now are reaching New Age eastern religous beliefs and exceed used instead of the gospel if Jesus Christ. This book will open your eyes and is highly recommended from me as a reader, you won't find anything like it. As well as its companion book A cry in the wilderness. The author is very out spoken and he tells the truth as it should be he exposes what some are masquerading as the word of God. So if you have the stomach for the truth instead of fairy tales please please I highly recommend these 2 books. In my opinion they both should be on the best seller list. Because they speak the aboslute truth, as the word of God should be told.