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  • carpetcop24 - Behind The WallTruth be told, Pink Floyd shares the pain of a child without the cliche of just words. Somehow, as we listen, there is a change in our perception of our own world as we know it. Somewhere in our subconscience we all know how it feels to really hurt. "Pink" Floyd is a child in an abusive household whos anguish has no words. Trauma can never be described in words alone. Verbage will never do justice to it; to know pain is to have felt it firsthand. In the title song "The Wall" part 2 the ending phrase being yelled "If you don't eat your meat, you can't have any pudding! How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat!?" only scratches the surface of the verbal abuse he deals with. The outcry earlier in the song "we don't need no education, we don't need no thought control" only further describes the ultimate frustration that he deals with when he screams "HEY! Teacher! Leave them kids alone!" The entire album describes an abused child as he developes into a man and grows into the dysfunctional individual that he eventually becomes. To read down the track titles of the 2 disc set can only verbally describe the horror that he has endured. He has eventually employed every escape tatic that he has in his arsenal to dull the ultimate pain. "Run like Hell" "Comfortably Numb", these songs only lightly, vaguely describe the methods of self preservation that "Pink" employs to keep himself sane, yet at what expense? That, I suppose, is the question that we all have to ask the child in each one of us. ~DJPrimal
  • Babygirl87 - A Great Product!I was rather pleased with the item which I purchased which was the Medical School Requirements Review Book for 2008-2009. The book arrived early and was brand new as stated. I did not have any complications and have nothing but good feelings about my purchase. I will definantly be a continuous customer.
  • thom flora - Can't rave enoughI've never, in my long, long reading life, posted a review on any site, anywhere. But this book has left me compelled to do so now. I read "Citizen Vince" several years ago and absolutely loved it. Somehow I just couldn't wrap my brain around "The Zero" and therefore skipped "The Financial Lives Of The Poets". Then "Beautiful Ruins" came out and something beckoned me to take a chance on it. Long story short, it's one of the best books I've ever read; holds up start to finish. The characters are amazingly well-drawn the minute they walk onto the stage and continue to endear themselves as this absorbing story unfolds. I know I'm not doing this book justice in this review so just let me it.