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  • AreThree - Awesome, fast, easy, works great!After looking at all the different types of barcode scanners available, I chose this model strictly based upon price and the fact that it had a wider scanning window than the other with the same price.

    It works wonderfully. I had it out of the box, plugged into my USB port, and was scanning things in within seconds. No driver was required (for XP).

    Inside the scanning window are four orange LEDs. Once the button is depressed, you have about two seconds to point the device at the barcode you wish to scan. Obviously, setting it right on the barcode is the best way, but it seems to have a range of about 4cm.

    The device decodes the barcode quickly and behaves as if someone had typed in the numbers. The information flows directly to wherever your mouse or cursor is. You do not have to wait for the scanner to become ready, as it reads and decodes barcodes faster than you could put another one in front of it.

    I tried it on five or six different types of barcodes, and they all were read quickly and - most importantly - accurately.

    I was worried that the item would be cheap or not work or require a hinky driver. I am pleased that none of these things are true. It is lightweight and easy to grip regardless of what hand you prefer. The cord is of a good length, allowing you to move with some freedom from your computer. It doesn't require an additional power supply as it draws all of the power from USB so I wouldn't use it in a passive USB hub for that reason.

    There is a manual included with it, but I have yet to bother to look at it. Really, anyone can set this up.

    Thank you for making, advertising, and shipping a fine product at a very reasonable price.
  • David Rowell "Kenfolk" - Transformer Prime GraySo far I am loving my Transformer Prime!! Below are just a couple apps that should help you utilize your tablet to the fullest

    I was able to view folders on my Windows machine over a LAN network, I just needed to install ES File Explore and go to the LAN view, clicked new and it found my computer and the shared files instantly.

    To play the .mkv HD videos I have I ended up getting MX Video Player and it was able to play the 720p movies I had flawlessly, you just have to press down on the video file, click Open As, select video, the it asks which app you want to open it in you choose MX Video Player and you are good to go.
  • SF2010 - Good book. Good valueI've always been a fan of the Pocket Consultant series of books and this one ranks right up there with his best. Superior reference book making it a true must have for every system administrator. Don't let the "pocket" in the tile of the book fool you either. Somehow it seems like there's much more in it than the 700 pages. It is an impressive book and for the price, you are not going to find a book with a higher quality of content.
  • Solari's - Best grill we've ever had!We needed a new grill and wanted one that wasn't huge or that had the side burners, as we never ended up using them on our old grill. We also wanted something that was well reviewed so we took our chances on this one. After 2 hours of assembly (phew!) we used it to make Beer Can Chicken and it was AWESOME. We've used it several times since and have been amazed at how quickly and how perfectly everything cooks. Plus I love that the sides fold down and the gas stores underneath behind the door. It doesn't waste space or gas. It looks smaller but actually has more surface area for grilling than our older (and bigger) grill. Love this and highly recommend it! UPDATE 1/1/13: STILL LOVE GRILL! Easy to clean and nothing has ever burnt on it.
  • Amberlanae "Ginger is the new Black" - 5 so in LOVE yet CREEPY starsI’m not even sure where to start. I loved this book so much! Is it because I am totally invested in Dex and Perry’s relationship? Or I love how Karina Halle tells a story? Or am I just addicted to the adrenalin rush from getting the crap scared out of me? I think it must be all of these reasons.
    I just love how Karina draws the reader in, makes them feel at home with Dex & Perry. Almost like we are there, hanging out with them in Seattle. Drinking beer and laughing about some pervy thing that came out of Dex’s mouth. Stories like these make an impression on you, makes you root for the characters and get upset when bad things happen to them.
    I love it because Perry is growing up and growing more in love with Dex. The same can be said about him. He wants to be her man and he is willing to do ANYTHING to make that happen. I love how strong Dex is in his commitment to Perry and keeping her safe. Makes ME feel good (which is strange but true). And I love that Perry is still trying to figure out where she is in her life, but knows without a doubt that Dex is a part of her future.
    Ok, so I know I said I LOVED this book….and I do, but there is some hate in there as well. I hate (such a strong word, but true) that we only have one more book to go before Dex & Perry’s story ends. This breaks my heart! I know Karina can’t write about them forever and that their story MUST end, but still…..I am not ready to say goodbye.
    Ok, now that that’s out of the way….let’s talk about this book. Dex, Perry and Rebecca have a show to do! They get a call from a school on the Oregon Coast about a haunting. This brings Dex & Perry full circle to where they meet. I love that they do a lot of reminiscing about how they meet. Brings back thoughts of Darkhouse and they share first impressions which is fun! When they get to the school…it is creepy! Like foggy creepy and just strange feeling. They decided to stay at the school instead of getting a hotel room. Why not? What could go wrong? Silly reader….everything can go wrong….and it does!
    There are some good ghost children and some really bad ghost children and the bad ghost wants Perry.
    At this point, I can’t decide if I should yell NOOOOOO don’t do that or hide under my covers because things get pretty scary, like demons on leashes scary. Some pretty crazy and intense things happen and I started to wonder…..are Dex and Perry going to make it out of this one sane? Or even together??
    I’m never going to tell *creepy singing voice*
    This book was SO AMAZINGLY GOOD! So many things happen… changing things. Decisions are made, good & bad. Even though I am sad that it’s the last book, I so CANNOT WAIT for Dust to Dust (you hear me Karina??)
    5 So in love, yet super creepy stars