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  • Mpyp1111 - Great productAfter struggling with excessive sweating (a side effect from medication) I was fed up and was considering stopping the medication that was helping my condition. After doing some Internet search I came across Sweatblock and decided to give it a try! I actually put it on my face because i was sick of sweating my makeup off. It actually worked! It did burn a little after I put it on but it wasn't unbearable, just slightly uncomfortable. But the burning for a couple of hours was definitely worth it. I also experienced some mild itching, but nothing unbearable. To my surprise I was sweat free on my face for about 5-6 days. Well worth the money. Purchasing more now!
  • Aaron Lavender - Don't see why people hate this.Upgraded from Window 7 Home premium 64 bit to Windows 8 pro 64 bit. All of my programs and settings still work. No driver or compatibility issues with any of my components. Installed classic shell in less than a minute, and boots straight to desktop with start menu that looks and functions just like windows 7. OS loads faster on boot up, programs open faster, everything seems to run smoother. Having an app store like a tablet and being able to install free games and programs is cool.

    Edit/more info: I posted this as a comment, but thought it would be easier to see here.

    I don't know what I need to say to make this review helpful. 99% of complaints are that it looks different than older versions of windows. 2 Second search on google for classic shell or one of the other many UI apps, and it looks and functions no different than any other version of Windows that you've used. I don't like microsoft. All they do is try to force what they think is best for you down your throat. The Xbox One is a joke. We're pretty much stuck with them, other than buying a Crapple. If your computer was built in the last 5 years, you should have absolutely no issue upgrading. Almost all drivers needed for any of your components(other than the latest and greatest produced after this OS was released) are there and will automatically update your computer drivers during the upgrade. I have this running on 2 systems. One is a 4th Gen i5 4670k, 16gb 1866 Crucial mem, 250 gb crucial m4 ssd. Asus z-87 a mb, GTX 660 ti, . Runs flawless. The other, much older, AMD Athlon x2 250 3 ghz dual core, asus radeon 4850, Foxconn AM3 790Gx MB, 4 gb Crucial DDR3 1333 memory, wd 500 gb 7200 rpm hdd. Runs flawless. Multiple generations between the 2 computers, both work without issue. If you want a faster loading more secure OS, with all of the functionality of 7 with added features, there is no reason not to upgrade.
  • Murphy - VERY happy with this product!!!I LOVE this thing. I got this for Chanukah and was skeptical but it is amazing. I love mixing flavors. I tried some of the Soda stream flavors and they were ok but I also tried some other brands of flavors.

    Takes up little space and looks attractive (we got the red)
    Sodasteam soda is healthier for you than your store bought.
    It is cheaper
    You can mix and match flavorings and you cannot do that with store bought products
    If you keep Kosher, this is kosher. If you observe Shabbat, this can be used on Shabbat.
    This is so easy a 5 year old could make their own sodas...and totally enjoy it
    If you are sick and don't want syrupy soda, you can just carbonate the water for a change of pace from normal water.
    Bottle keeps the water carbonated longer than store bought soda.
    Keeps you hydrated in one of the worst flu seasons in years and years
    No caffeine to keep you awake and give you the jitters

    The soda stream flavors are not the best
    You have to take the canister back and refill it which I have not had to do yet but I am sure it will not be a con once I had done it and know how to take them back.

    Hints for new user:
    Don't make the whole bottle one flavor. Add the flavor(s) the your glasses. That way everyone can have a different flavor at the same time
    If making Italian sodas, be careful that the milk does not make it foam up over the cup rim
    Try other company flavors. We went with Monin and Amoretti (Monin is the best for our taste)and they do the trick. The desert pear makes a GREAT cream soda Monin Desert Pear Gourmet Flavoring Syrup 1 Ltr Plastic Bottle(made it with non-dairy French Vanilla creamer)and the ruby red grapefruit makes a great refreshing soda (don't make it into a cream soda, the flavoring and cream separate
    Only use 3 long squirts of carbonation. The machine will really not let you add any more.

    Have come back to edit because since Chanukah I have used this nearly everyday and sometimes have used it more than once (once made 4-5 drinks at the same time when friends were over) and we have not had to change the cartridge. I could not be happier!