Medical Tourism Association of South Africa - The Medical Tourism Association of South Africa (MTASA) is a trade association representing ther collective interests of key players in the health, wellness and medical tourism value chain. Promoting South Africa as as a premier medical destination.

Country: Africa, ZA, South Africa

  • kwanzach - state of the art!!!If you hate navigating automated phone services as much as I do then this is the phone for you! As soon as I place a call the screen instantly goes black so I don't have to try to work through a series of numerical prompts. I can just sit back and scream obscenities until an operator picks up and connects me with whomever I need to speak. Brilliant!

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  • Abbey Lawrence - Essential ReadingThis is such an important book. Since a close friend's daughter developed late-onset autism, I've been reading everything about treatments that I can get my hands on, and there's nothing else like this available. With autism rates growing so quickly, people have to start thinking outside the box, and this book is the place to start. Every parent, relative, or friend of a child with autism should be considering every treatment available and weighing their merits seriously. Here are some of the therapies and subjects discussed in the book:

    -Antiepileptic Treatments
    -Art Therapy
    -Dietary interventions
    -Leaky gut and autism
    -Speech-language therapy
    -Nutritional supplementation

    There are many more. Carefully researched but very readable, this is a book for parents, medical professionals, or anyone who wants to improve the life of an autistic child they care about. There are so many unknowns surrounding autism--it's thrilling and very encouraging to get an inside view of the progress being made to understand and treat it.
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  • kafriedr - Works very wellThis is not so tiny of a BT adapter that it sits flush with the side of my laptop, but it doesn't stick out far enough for there to be any danger of it breaking or bending. I downloaded the most recent drivers from ASUS, installed them, then plugged in the adapter. Recognized and installed instantly. Works with everything I can find. Even old headsets from 2005 and my old Android 2.1 phone. I was playing music from my phone to my laptop about 25 feet away and through the refrigerator, and it sounded just fine. I don't have any BT3 devices yet, but I'm sure it'll work with those too.
  • Angela R. Hartlove "mask collector" - Large and soft and amazing!I don't know if I love this more than my cats do, because any time it's out (on OR off) they are perched on it. I have used this a ton since I got it, and with 6 different heat levels and an optional 2-hour shut-off setting, this is a winner! I love how soft it is, and how large of an area it will heat. Worth every penny!