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  • Mommylicious - Hang in there and a perfect ReadaloudThere are certain authors with whom I will read their latest novel without knowing the plot. For example, Beverly Cleary and Judy Blume, and in my trendy days, John Grisham and Nicholas Sparks, and now Barbara Kingsolver and Jodi Picoult. So when Between the Lines was advertised I didnt waste my time with a "sample." On the release date, Amazon landed the book into my Kindle Fire. I was disappointed to learn it was a fairytale. What?? So it was at that time I researched and found what you know, it was written by two Picoults. With that info, I readjusted my expectations as its apropos to have a child write about queens and dragons.

    To make it tolerable, I read it aloud to my 8 and 11 year old. Well in chapter two the point of view changes and I found myself bored mainly because Im so confused. Well my 11 year old skeedadled outta there but the 8 year old - she was hooked! So I had to continue and thank goodnes.....Chapter 3 got interesting and I had a change of heart.

    We are now 50% through the book and we cannot wait for the next scene! For us, its a page turner and of course I love whispering with my kid about our thoughts, questions and predictions of what is to come.

    So please readers, hang in there and dont give up - its worth the wait.

    Now for all you parents thinking "An 8 year old reading a "young adult" book - thats so wrong!" Me too! But, I have surmised that watching her have Ken take Barbie car dates, gobbling popcorn while watching Disney movies and listening to how her parents met in a parking lot are way worse. Now, if you have read more than me - let me know if you think anything is inappropriate.
  • K. Kim - Try on the Weekend!I've been suffering from constipation since I was very little. Thus I am always looking for the best laxatives or stool softener. This is the first time I have tried a product labeled "colon cleanse." I saw the great reviews and decided to give it a try before my wedding day 2 weeks away.

    Once receiving the Super Colon Cleanse, I immediatley took the recommended dosage of 4 capsules. This was about 7:00 PM. Before I went to bed, I took another 4 capsules around 12:00 AM. By the time I woke up the next day, I did not have any cramps or the need to use the restroom. So before heading to work, I took another 4 capsules, and "packed" another 4 in my snack sized ziplock bag to take at work later that day. By the time I got to work, I was feeling cramps/light stomach ache. It was not too pleasant but it hurt a lot less than taking laxatives! I immediately had to use the restroom...and kept using the restroom probably 7 more times before the work day ended! It felt good to know I was somewhat "cleaner." I still had to go multiple times before I went to bed that night but I was fine and more regular the next day.

    My husband asked me why I didn't take the pills on a Friday so it didn't interrup my work schedule. He was so right, that thought didn't even cross my mind! I wasn't sure how well it would work and how fast. Next time, I will take the pills in 3's and start on a Friday!
  • Mary E. Larrimore - Fascinating read!!!Diana Gabaldon is "on top" of this time traveler series. The level of research on history, herbal and natural healing, life in the 18th century, superstitutions and a focus on honor, trust, helping others and true love is mind boggling. Was introduced to the series in 1995 and have read all 7 - and sure hope no.8 is coming out this year. For a long time I promised myself that I would start at the beginning and read them back to back - and will begin the final one tomorrow. Quite a summer read as they are each about 950 pages! An awesome story: believable, engaging - even better the second time around as you don't "lose" the heart of the story but the details stand out and grab your attention again.
  • The_Thund3r - Racing at its best!!This game is simply amazing. What makes this game so great is how customizable the game play is. The very customizable difficulty and car settings make this game extremely challenging or ease to play. The many different game modes are fun and challenging. Multi-player is competitive and super entertaining. If you love to race and what a challenge to keep you on your toes, get this game. If you are new to F1, no problem game tutorials will fill you in on what to know and what the world of F1 is about. Hope you get this game and ENJOY !
  • Magnus - Different in a good wayAt first when I bought this book to read on my Kindle it felt like a gamble. The description didn't sound *that* good, but the ratings were ok... so I went for it.

    I am glad I did.

    It's hard to give this saga a short recap and make it representative of the book(s). Thus the title of this review, different in a good way. It takes a short while to move yourself into the world that Howey constructs, but once you're there you get stuck and don't want to leave.

    This saga has a great depth, characters are acting like real persons, the world seems to move. Even though the setting is quite odd all bits and pieces are well thought through and make sense. I don't think I ever reflected upon a fact and thought that it was dumb or impossible, it's well thought through.

    This is a book I'd recommend (have done) to readers that aren't used to this genre of books. There are a lot of sci-fi kind of concepts, but those aren't at the forefront, the story is. And the story is great, gripping and really entertaining.