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  • Sunny - Awesome strollerPros:
    Light weight. Very easy to lift in and out of my car. I use this as my every day stroller and i just keep it in the car. It folds up very flat. Very easy. It unfolds very easy and I did read that someone said it doesn't stand on its own but it does. It's very easy to maneuver. The wheels turn very easily. It's a very smooth ride except on gravel. But I didn't buy it to use on gravel so I'm ok with it. I love the visor. It almost covers my little girl completely unlike other expensive strollers I've owned. I bought the extra sun/ bug cover but returned it because the visor /canopy that comes with the stroller is perfect so unless you're going camping where their will be bugs you don't need to purchase the extra sun cover. Waste of $$.
    I did buy the snack tray which was extra $$ and that was well worth the 15.00 $$ I spent.

    The price is great.

    Not good on gravel and the storage bin is small but I had read that on previous reviews so I was prepared and it doesn't bother me. It's so hard anyways to keep anything in those bottom stroller storage bins. It's such a pain when you need to grab something quick regardless if the storage bin is big or small.

    I still give this stroller 5 stars even with the 2 cons that I listed. I read many reviews before purchasing this stroller and so far I'm very happy with this purchase. It's the only stroller I now own and that makes me very happy.
  • Paul J. Ruggeri - This book is almost impossible to read.After each page everything continually worsens. I don't think I will be able to finish reading it. I thought I might throw it aside in disgust and it weren't for the fact I was reading it on my kindle I might have been tempted. After only a few chapters I fell far too ill -- beyond the point of ration thought to go on.

    Now I am getting an inkling to the reason why Ann Coulter has been banned form college campuses. If she is able to drive me to state of revulsion then it is quite possible that she would cause an aneurysm to any liberal there within the first few minutes of her talk. They claim that Coulter is too divisive when she is the opposite; only she is not kind in the way they she goes about speaking her mind. Instead of slowly pulling the band-aid of falsehoods off bit by bit she yanks it away in one merciless motion.

    The book consists of a seamless flow of annotated examples. It is both painful and revealing. I have never seen so many double standards. Stories of O.J. Simpson types crimes where the blacks of a community cheer when the criminal is freed by a mostly black jury and in one instance the jury takes the black defendant to dinner after he killed two drug dealers and shot six police officers. It is not for the faint of heart. Then there is case after case of hoaxes where blacks claim that some race crime as been perpetrated on them; while the media plays it big with hand wringing headlines and lengthy stories. When these race peddling journalists realize that the wool has been pulled over their eyes they either don't report it or bury it. Despite the fact that police have wasted their time, courts have wasted our money and lives of the accused have been forever changed. Meanwhile these hoaxes spark real black on white crimes that get little or no reporting -- some with deadly consequences.

    This book would be a good start in balancing out the curriculum that has brainwashed college students. It sets the record straight and singles out who is really to blame for racial discord in America. A Republican president freed the black people from slavery (Spielberg probably didn't want to remind you of this fact before the 2012 election with his Lincoln film) and more Republicans were for civil rights. Not to mention that Robert Carlyle Byrd, a Democratic Senator, was a member for the Ku Klux Klan, but somehow the Republicans are the racists. Someone on a chat board wrote once, "Not all Republicans are racist, but all racist are Republicans." I dare anyone to read Coulter's book and try saying that with conviction.
  • quickgains - Very impressive productReally a great and effective product when used properly with diet, supplementation,rest & dedication to lifting the iron. I'm 6'3", 20yrs old, and in 1 cycle I went from 185 to 200lbs. Bench went up 60 pounds and vascularity really came out. Used in combination with a bulking diet and weight gain shakes & creatine, my overall strength gains and size skyrocketed. After the cycle I combined the PCT with a test booster, and continued bulking & only lost 5lbs. A month after cycling off DMZ with the PCT and test booster, not only have i not lost any strength I gained from DMZ, I've only continued to gain strength and size. My weight has gone up to 198lbs, and my muscle endurance allows me to spend 2hrs+ focusing on only one or two muscle groups with out feeling overtrained or injured. On this stuff it feels like you can just keep going!!
    The only sides I had were occasion slight lethargy (may have been just from training so long and hard 6 days a week), small amount of acne, and elevated liver enzymes (to be expected on any type of oral prohormone). I would really not recommend drinking (to get drunk at least) on this product, although I had cheated a few times. My liver made me feel it in the morning lol. With a combo of an effective PCT and Test booster the sides went away within a week. I will be starting my second cycle today, and will be bulking from Dec. 14th to the 31st. I will then switch to a cutting diet on Jan. 1 in the new year. So basically 18 days bulking, then 12 days cutting on DMZ to get a jump start on cutting fat loss, which this product is great for as it cuts estrogen levels effectively allowing little or no water retention. Hoping to get to 210 then cut down to 200lbs by february-march!!! I will be taking intra-cycle CEL Cycle Assist to help combat the sides, which is also a great product I recommend.
    In closing, Xtreme DMZ is one of the most effective prohormones on the market today, and something you should seriously consider if you are serious and disciplined with you diet, rest, supplementation & training schedule.
  • Alex Rohde - So far it has been worth it. Impressive TV.Almost everything on this tv has met my expectations. Its bright, the picture is fantastic, sound quality is not bad. The only thing that was disappointing was there is no red white audio (analog) out on this tv only optical out (digital). My external speakers that I bought a few years back only have the analog audio so I had to buy a digital to analog converter ($60) and an optical cable to hook up my speakers. It works most of the time but for some applications the audio is out of sync with the video, a problem that i think can be attributed to the converter.

    Most of the newer external speakers you can buy now are upgraded to digital sound so this might not be an issue for some people. The tv speakers are not bad if you dont have an external sound system. Just note that the tv speakers and an external sound system cannot be used at the same time on this tv. You can only use one or the other (but its pretty easy to switch between them).

    Also this tv does not come with the magic remote but if you have a smart phone you can get a free app that basically turns your phone into the smart remote.
  • kab0720 - Fantastic read!!! No Cliffhanger:)If you enjoyed FSOG or Crossfire series, you will love this book. I started reading it and I didn't want to stop, so excited it is a trilogy. It doesn't have a cliffhanger which I LOVE!!! The next book is about Mia's brother, Jace:) Mia is such a strong character, she NEVER annoyed me, like so many of the heroines do. She was smart, loyal, and wasn't a doormat. I loved the relationship between her and Gabe, he is yummy:) He is a strong possesive alpha male:) I really recommend this book!