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  • Pampered Prepper - Nice and easyIm really glad i chose this product, it was really easy to install!

    The fact that it covers all my devices like my kindle laptop and cellphone!

    If your looking to protect your internet browsing on all your devices and need something easy to use then look no further you've found it!
  • AmberHeartsDisney "-Amber" - Works great!I started having horrible IBS symptoms in December of 2012. When I went to visit my GI Doctor he recommend Align. I have been taking Align for five months and it has helped me so much! It did take a while to start working, I think it was a month or two but I could slowly start to feel a difference. My IBS has been a lot calmer.
  • Written Word "Written Word" - You won't be able to stop thinking about it!Cormac McCarthy's The Road is one of those books that totally engrosses the reader and stays with you long after you put the book down. It is not a light read yet the masterful weaving of the story and events leads the reader down the path with the lead characters at a fast clip. With each the turn of the page, Cormac introduces another layer of moral dilema that makes each page a virtual masterpiece of self reflection. The book has such a realistic tone and feel that once you turn the last page you won't soon forget the characters or events. As I read the book my thoughts alternated between religious comparaisons and modern day survivalist theory - a fascintating and masterfully written book that will provoke the reader to ask "what would I do" and many other questions.
  • Ctraywick - Don't Beieve The Hype About Windows 8I have been running windows 8 production code for about 8 weeks now. I am a developer, but also standard user. The negative hype is false. Microsoft has done a lot to improve the speed and fluidity of the OS. It takes a bit to get used to the interface, but once you do it is faster and more fluid, IMO. I have this OS on two Laptops, a Samsung tablet and now a Surface RT.

    Unlike some other offerings in the marketplace the consumer has a lot of choice. If your world is mostly surfing and email the Surface-RT is a good fit. It WILL NOT run older application written for Windows 7. You can only install programs from the APP store on the "RT". You cannot join the "RT" to your office network domain.

    There are a number of new hardware platforms coming that will give the user more flexibility. "RT" for web based users and home users, Surface PRO for users who have heavier computing needs and legacy applications, convertibles built on the new Intel form factor that combine a laptop and tablet into one device and traditional desktops and servers. Almost forgot now that Windows 8 Phone has shipped, that Windows 8 on the phone is also the same user experience.

    It did take me a bit to get used to the user interface but once I did it is faster and easier to use. Have not written any applications for it yet but have that on the calendar.

    The keyboard cover for the "RT" is a must have. We prefer the slightly thicker keyboard cover called "TOUCH". Cool that a tablet like this has an integrated keyboard and kickstand so you can do more serious work faster and still retain portability with an inline cover (this is an extra cost option). Battery life is excellent, my experience is around 8 to 9 hours in typical use.

    The Surface-PRO (expected after the first of the year) will have the above features plus an Intel "I" series chip which means you will be able to join it to your network domain, install legacy applications and use it as both a standard desktop and a mobile device. The battery life is reportedly less than the "RT".

    The negative discussions about the absence of a START MENU are false. The START MEMU is the boot up or home screen. I think it was a smart move by Microsoft to insert a desktop tile into Windows 8 that allows you to run your Windows 7 desktop like it was in Windows 7. This will allow folks to move over gradually and still use their legacy applications the way they are used to using them.

    The advantage of this OS is that one OS spans phones to multi-core servers. Integrated development backend which will yield better software.

    The integration of Windows phone 8, the Windows 8 desktop (or Surface) and Sky Drive is clearly a clone of the Apple iCloud but seems to work better ( we also have Mac and iPhone). The integration between the Windows phone 8 and Windows 8 OS on a PC or tablet is very smooth. Was able (with the help of a third party utility) to migrate a large music collection from the iPhone to the Windows 8 phone easily.

    I do not expect this to be a fast ramp up for Microsoft as people will read some of the negative comments / reviews and that will, initially, retard sales. But as the word gets out we expect this to take off. There are many advantages to the interface that the average user will enjoy and as more people get experience we expect the Surface-RT to do well for consumers, and the "RT" and "PRO" and "THIRD PARTY VENDORS" to do well in the business space.

    There are six types of devices you can deploy this on: Windows 8 phones; Lower end tablets like "RT" (and more coming from other vendors), higher end tablets like Surface-Pro (and more coming from other vendors), convertibles (like the new Intel format), traditional desktops with mouse and keyboard and servers (called Windows Server 2012 but shares the same OS kernel).

    The ability to have the same interface over a wide range of devices will enable better software development and more choice for the consumer.

    Lastly the more restrictive store for Windows 8 is, I think, a good thing. Some developers are complaining about this, but, over time this will ensure a higher level of experience for the consumer and thus, in the long run, will be a very good thing.

    Upgrades are inexpensive but you need to make sure you get the right Windows 8 upgrade if you are moving up from XP, Vista or Windows 7.

    My only complaint is the lack of good tutorials or knowledge of where to find them.
  • Ted Martinson - QuickBooks for Mac 2012 is great!When talking about QuickBooks for Mac 2012, the first place to begin is the ease of use for the end user. I'm no trained accountant by any stretch, but I found it incredibly simple to jump into QuickBooks and have begin tracking my company's finances in no time flat.

    Granted, it being simple would be relatively insignificant if it weren't comprehensive as well, and there's no shortage of functionality that covers all the bases I need for my business. Cost tracking, employee payroll (built right into the application), invoice management, inventory management, you name it, it's all here.

    Side note: as a long-time Mac user, often disappointed (to put it lightly) with Intuit's treatment of Mac users on the Quicken side of things, don't let similar concerns sway you. QuickBooks for Mac, is a well-developed, comprehensive and closely-supported application. The true gem of Intuit's Mac products, and likely the only product you need to service your business accounting needs on your Mac.