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  • Diana Scheschowitz - Great productI have used Quicken in the past. When my computer took a dump had to use a laptop that did not support Quicken. Was glad to finally purchase a new laptop that can use it again. It downloaded with ease and the product almost runs itself! Using it with my banking makes it so easy. No longer do I need to go thru each line item and put a category to it, practically does it by itself. Would highly recommend this product.
  • mk87 - Finally remission without medicationI was diagnosed with crohn's disease in september 2010, after undergoing an appendectomy. The prescribed medication was ineffective, four months after my diagnosis surgery was required. I had an Ileo-colic resection Jan 2011. The surgeon said it was likely that I would experience diarrhea at least four or five times per day (due to the particular section of bowel that was removed), but that there was medication to treat this. I have been on this diet for a month now and I have not experinced any diarrhea or abdominal pain (which I was so used to experiencing prior to surgery)all without any medications! I am so excited about this book and would recommend it to anyone with intestinal disorders. I have never felt better!
  • Karyn - great gift for my niecesMy nieces love them (I bought two). One niece was 3 and the other 4 when I gave them these - they love the camera and the fact that they can personalize them so even though they got the same color, they are still personalized. They should last a few years at least because it says up to age 9 so as they grow they will learn to use more of the features. Nice product.
  • Kristie - So That's Why I'm Single - HMMMMMMWhen I first began reading this book, this quote stood out to me "We won't stand for another lonely night, another lousy date, another jerk...we deserve to be loved and to love." To those of us still dating, Amen to that! The author gives some invaluable tips and tools on how to fall in love, and how to create a long-lasting love. He makes some excellent points about why even to bother with love, reminding us all that we are all hard-wired to find mates and create an intimate bond with someone to help us to be complete as human beings.

    I found it interesting that the author made a key point that finding lasting love is all about breaking the habits that have kept you single and then goes on to reveal one of the true secrets to finding love. And I truly enjoyed reading the two Chapters entitled "Seven Ways To Make A Woman Fall In Love With You" followed by "Seven Ways To Make A Man Fall In Love With You" with great expectation...and guess what? I wasn't disappointed! Bottom Line? I LOVED this book!
  • David D. Rodriguez "David Diego Rodriguez" - When map apps just don't cut itThis is a great atlas! Sometimes you need more information than GPS or map apps provide. I have always trusted Rand McNally and this atlas is certainly always very accurate, unlike some map apps. I never make a road trip without this atlas. Unlike map apps, it provides the picture of a cross country trip. I keep the atlas open to the state I'm in to have a general idea of my location. You really can't do that with a map app! If you do a lot of driving around the country, you should certainly buy this atlas.