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  • Dale W. Mckinney "DWM" - great vacuumI borrowed my neighbors vacuum once and really...for as small as it is...its amazing! I live in a SMALL space and this is perfect. I DO NOT have pets but this vacuum advertises for the 'pet hair thing' frirends (that had this) had pets and it really works! THAT is why I got it! Its awesome!
  • Molly06 - This product has worked wonders for me!Before taking this product, I use to have problems with chronic constipation resulting in problems with hemroids. I now take this product daily with my evening meal and have softer and more productive bowel movements. With Activia you have to consume at least 3 per day so I'll stick with 1 pill per day of Colon Health. Love this product!
  • SpirituMusica - Truly the BESTI did much research and reading of customer reviews prior to purchasing the Shark Navigator Pro (Purchased this week at Walmart on sale for $178!!!) First, only difference between the Pro and the Regular Navigator is the Pro comes with the bare floor attachment, and has a larger dust recepticle.

    Couple of things: I had read one review that said the suction was so strong she could not push the vacuum and returned it for the Shark Nav Lite. First of all, there is a tag right on the handle that states you can adjust the suction for High Pile Carpeting! This is actually not a tag, its a bright reddish/orange paper band wrapped around the top handle- you CANNOT MISS IT!! Not sure how she missed that- but it's right in front of your face. Another review complained that the cord was too low on the vacuum. Well, right there on the back, near the upper cord holder it says "Cord Hook", I thought this was for when you wrapped the cord back up- but when vacuuming and holding the cord off the ground, it occured to me what that Cord Hook was really for!!! Low and behold you can bring the cord up, hook it in and you're good to go- cord is no longer in the way. There are tags and labels all over this vacuum pointing out features, and other important info, probably because Shark knew how many people would not read the instructions! How anyone can miss the tags and labels is beyond me. I would guess they ignored the tags and labels the same way they ignored reading the instructions.

    The review: I LOVE THIS VACUUM Cleaner!!!! I love how you can adjust the suction for different carpets, I love that there is a suction only and brush with suction option on the power switch. I love how clean my carpets and hardwood floors are. I do agree with other reviewers though- the hose for using the attachments is short and not flexible. I can understand and see why the hose cannot be longer, but come on, they can definitely add more "Slinky" like flexibility to it. This is the only flaw and "complaint" I would have, but nonetheless, a flaw I am willing to live with due to the excellent cleaning power of this vacuum. Other reviews state that the vacuum "Falls over" due to the short hose- well, duh- if the hose is not that flexible in length, why would you pull so hard as to pull the entire vacuum over??? ANY vacuum can "fall over", my Oreck would fall over if I yanked the cord hard enough- come on.

    Another EXCELLENT Feature!! We've all done it- vacuum a small rug in the kitchen or bathroom, and it gets sucked in, stuck in the brush and then all you can smell is rubber from the brush belt melting because the brush is still trying to rotate?? NO MORE!! The brush on the Shark Navigator STOPS if you suck up a part of the rug, a low hanging curtain, anything that can get wrapped around the brush or otherwise stuck, the brush senses the impending obstruction and STOPS!! I LOVE THIS feature!! And I don't have to use any force to pull out the obstruction because of the sensor feature. Brilliant!!!!!

    Like other reviewers, I too vacuumed with my old vacuum (an Oreck) prior to "re-vacuuming" with the Shark - sure enough - TONS more dust and pet hair came up!!! Incredible. I thought maybe it was my Oreck, so I borrowed my friends fancy-schmancy top of the line Dyson- the Dyson is NO CONTEST for the Shark. Stop wasting money on these expensive vacuums that boast they get the job done (like my Oreck), when in fact, they don't. The Shark Navigator Pro does everything the mfgr says it will do. yes, it has some faults- the short non-stretchy hose- but in the big scheme of things- WHO CARES!! This thing is INCREDIBLE!! As to warranty- I did not purchase the service plan or extended warranty- any appliance/eqp you buy comes with a one year MFG Warranty. Hoping I made the right choice- but in researching Shark and their products, 99.9% of the reviews and customers said that Shark took care of them and stood behind their product, even if the one year Mfgr Warranty was past and gone. I see extended warranties as a way to make more money- for the store. Anyway- I love this machine. Try it- if you don't like it, return it. If you're not sure about this purchase, I recommend purchasing from a local retailer, like Walmart or Target- that way if you decide to return it, which you won't, it will be easier and cheaper than shipping back to Amazon.