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  • David A. Hernandez "David" - What's to Complain About for 83 Cents a Month?I am not sure why there are so many complaints about this product. I wasn't quite sure about it but I figured it was only 10.00 so why not try. I did have the understanding it was an aggregator and it says right in the Rabbit TV ad that it "links" you to over "xxxx" sites and catalogs all the online viewing sites in to one source. The install was quick and easy. I have noticed no computer problems or pop up ads or any unauthorized credit card charges as others have stated. Since I moved to my own apartment the cost of even basic TV service was not in my budget so I have been using Rabbit TV (along with my Roku) much more and it works fine. I think I did come across a broken link or two but that's been the exception. I check out the "Live TV" section every day to see what I can watch live. I feel it delivers what it says it will. Yes, it is absolutely true that one can find all of these sites doing an internet search. But for me, the nominal cost of this is worth it to have it all in one convenient site. I'm looking forward to the upgrades that I've read are coming out for this product.
  • momabroad - GREAT!!My 6 year old got this for Christmas. She loves it! I love that is has an educational basis. Great tablet for children.
  • Carsh - Form your own opinonI have read many of the reviews here and one in particular stuck in my mind. It is written by someone who admits to only skimming the book but feels it is appropriate to express opinions as fact. I find it sad that many have replied to her thanking her for saving them the money and wasted time.

    I have READ the first 3 chapters so far and have found that this individuals opinions are not based on the information in THIS book! I feel that the information presented and the medical explanations behind the information to be reasonable.

    It is likely that everyone who looks at this book has tried a number of things to try to lose weight before and either didn't keep it off, didn't lose at all or is just open to learn about a different approach.

    My point is please don't let one person (who has not read the book and has probably not even tried it for a day let alone long enough to know anything about it) make your choice for you.

    I'm going to continue reading and I will try it for myself to see what my results are, how I feel and if the approach outlined is something that will work in my life.

    I invite you to do the same as I have also read the success stories that can be found easily on Google. They can't all be wrong??
  • S. Lonni - Great product for wavy/curly hairMy stylist uses this on my hair when I visit her. I used to buy it from her, but she recently raised her price to $25 a bottle! I decided to look on Amazon and was pleased to see it for sale for much less money. I bought two bottles and it was shipped quickly (and for free). I use this product because I have naturally wavy, frizzy hair. I use a flat iron usually and this product not only protects from the heat, but smooths and defrizzes at the same time. I even use it on my daughter's VERY curly hair (think tight ringlets). It takes away her frizz and leaves her curls soft and fragrant. I use throughout the styling process: on my wet hair (about quarter sized dallop--I have med. long hair), then during blowdrying and flat ironing (just rub a little through out section being straightened or dryed), and a little afterwards smoothed through my hair to take away the last of the frizzies. If you use too much, your hair gets oily faster.