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  • E. Beam - Finally bought itFirst the rant: My not-very-old laptop developed several problems simultaneously, and I decided to just buy a new one, assuming I could move my Office Pro 2010 to the new machine. Unfortunately, Microsoft said "no"! Turns out it was licensed for only one computer and they did not care if your computer crashed the next day after you bought it. Your bad luck. I see that they have backed down on that - the description for the new software says you may move it from one computer to another.

    I made do with the Word and Excel starter on the new laptop, but Publisher is my go-to software, and it really galled me to have to buy it. I even looked for other software to replace it but couldn't find anything that would convert my old files.

    So, now for the review: It took about 1.5 hours to download (I have a fairly slow connection) and only a few minutes to install. It looks quite different from 2010, but so far using it has been fairly intuitive. There are some changes in how it operates, but I like the ones that I have encountered. For the most part the changes I have seen correct awkward steps. For example, when you click in a text box there is a new menu Text Box Tools menu that you can access with many of the functions that used to be hidden several levels down in various menus.

    In all fairness, I have not yet done any graphics-heavy publications. If I encounter problems as described by some of the reviewers I will amend this review.

    So, I like the software. Still not too crazy about Microsoft.
  • Dr. Wendell P. Wong - An Excellent healthy program, NOT another diet bookAs a physician, I was in awe of her simple, yet comprehensive and understandable explanations of very complex topics such as the hormones and their interaction with one another, and how they affect your metabolism. It was the clearest discussion, far better than when I was in medical school or any articles I have read since then.

    A note to potential buyers of this book: Don't be fooled by the word "Diet" in the title of her book. Halie's work is a program to get your metabolism back on track ~ one which doesn't rigidly restrict or exclude food, but instead uses food to maintain and improve your health and help you to achieve your weight goals. My wife and I loved her phrase "food is your friend".

    Dr. WPW