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  • John Hardy "Mallard" - Great ProductThe one anti-virus and firewall that works really well. May not be number one anymore, but it is right up there with the number 1 rated product. It still blocks everything and asks about certificates to links and URLs. And with the cloud you're grouped in with a large amount (over 3 million) users, to keep "Kaspersky Labs busy 24/7. Hasn't failed me yet like some of the other products out there.
  • ReBeccaDG4 - NFL 2013 Android EditionMy husband enjoyed playing the game and upgrading his favorite team. He has been playing football since Madden first came out in the 90's and he has not thrown the tablet so it must work well
  • L Smith "acozylover" - First in the Charming Mitford SeriesIn the 1st book in the Mitford series, we are introduced to Father Tim, a kindly rector who is overworked, overwhelmed, and is thinking of leaving his town parish in Mitford, North Carolina. He doesn't eat right, exercises only in his walks around town (he gave up his car for Lent 9-years-ago), and will not take a vacation. Being called the "portly priest" embarrasses him, but it is not until he discovers that he has diabetes does he make major changes to his life. Cutting out his beloved Little Debbie snack cakes, jogging three days a week, and finding house-help does much to improve Father Tim's physical health. But his mental health still suffers from his lack of time to relax. And several events that happen to Father Tim over the course of this lovely story initially only add to his frustration and fatigue.

    First, he becomes adopted by a huge, furry dog that he names Barnabas, and quickly learns that the large dog is controlled only by the bellowing of scripture. He then takes in an orphaned boy, whose alcoholic mother decided to "get rid of" all of her five children. The boy, Dooley Barlowe, goes to stay with his grandpa, and when he becomes gravelly ill, Father Tim steps in to care for the boy full time. One of Father Tim's closest friends becomes romantically involved with a dying woman after the recent death of his wife, and Father Tim worries about the heartache that his friend will feel when he loses another loved one. And, after over sixty years of living alone, Father Tim discovers a romantic stirring in his own heart over his new neighbor, Cynthia Coppersmith. In the end, Father Tim realizes that all of these things have been a big blessing in his life, and that the Lord does indeed have big plans for himself and his cherished home in Mitford.

    Taking a break from the cozy mysteries that I normally read, I was looking for a series that both my mother and I might enjoy. Based on the many glowing recommendations that I found, I picked up a copy of the books on tape for both of us. We both loved this charming and lovely book! As other reviewers have mentioned, the book grew on me the longer that I listened to it. It took awhile for the story to unfold, and for the characters and setting to become real to me. But after that...I found myself unable to read anything else, or stop myself from listening to the tapes! My mind kept drifting off to Mitford, wondering what Father Tim was doing, or if he would finally express his interest in Cynthia. I laughed, I cried, and at times I yelled at the cassette player. Father Tim can be exasperating at times...he won't take a break, and he bumbles his way around a romance with Cynthia. But, he is also kind, gentle, devout to Christ, and selfless...all of the things that make him such a rich, charming character. I can't say enough about this wonderful series...except that I was more content and felt more blessed in my own life after listening to it.

    The next book in the series is called "A Light in the Window". Enjoy!
  • Kipper - Small, more intimate PassionPassion is one of my favorite musicals of all time, so I'm admittedly biased to the original NY production. However, this more intimate, stripped down version is a, to use hyperbole, hauntingly beautiful. The true star here is Judy Kuhn whose beautiful vocals shine and her understanding of the character comes through in heartbreaking clarity. If you are a Sondheim fan, it's a must own. If you are a theater lover and haven't heard the original, or even if you have, it's a clear demonstration of how Sondheim's use of melody can be gut-wrenching and beautiful all at the same time.
  • AngieC - I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happened next.. COULD NOT put this book down.Do I really have to lay it out why I loved this book?? Well here goes, I am NOT into romance novels one bit.. In fact more like gruesome horror stories or supernatural thrillers.. When I heard all the hype about Christian Grey-and the Fifty Shades Trilogy I thought well I'll read what, why not.. Lets just say, you fall in love.. E.L James brings back all those feelings we once experienced. She makes you want to feel what Ana and Christian are feeling.. You've got the millionaire megalomaniac sadist and the in experienced virgin that reverts back to her conscious and inner goddes for guidance (such a funny, brilliant way to indulge in Ana's feelings). He wants a sub, she wants.. more.. You long for a relationship (as messed up as it is) like theirs.. Its such a gripping story that will leave you in a whirlwind day dreaming about your own Christian Grey. The end is nothing you'd ever except which makes E.L James all the more brilliant of a writer and you'll be buying the second novel before you can even begin to wonder!!! Unbelievably incredible story! All 3 books of this triliogy will make you feel so alive and envious and so on.. Bravo E.L. James it couldn't have been written any better!