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  • Captain Slow - it work perfect good!well I own a Y460A which does not have a USB3.0 port. I uses an express card 34mm usb3.0 port plug in to my computer. As it is an expresscard, the current was insufficient for a external hard drive, so even if i "have" a USB 3.0 on my computer, I can only use USB 2.0 for a external hard drive, which is much more slower. After I bought this item. The problem solved by the additional power supply thank to the AC power, and besides that, I got 4 USB 3.0 on my computer as well. How amazing!
  • Chris - Very pleased with this tablet!This tablet is a cinch to get accustomed to, if you are already familiar with the Android operating system (OS). I was a little less familiar with some of the applications in it. For example, there are "hidden" menus for many programs, and it took me a little while to develop the habit of where to touch on the screen to access these things, but not extremely long. If you are a person how doesn't mind tapping a few places and finding where things are, this should not be a problem. It's just the basic learning curve, and does not apply to this specific tablet, but rather the Android OS.

    The tablet itself is fairly light. I have not handled a lot of other tablets, however, so I cannot compare. But because I am used to carrying around a laptop and books for school all the time, this it seems light to me. However, it does have enough wait that you don't feel like throwing it around. I like that however. It weighs just enough to make you think twice about throwing it around, which I would not recommend anyway at this price. Which leads me to the price...

    It is certainly expensive. And if you are looking for only an eReader, this is overpriced and overpowered for you. However, if you are like me, where you want something much closer to a laptop/netbook/notebook, but want the general feel of an eReader, then this is a great choice. It's cheaper than the iPad 2, unless you buy the iPad 2 on a contract, which ends up costing you more in the long-run anyway. For a quad core processor and a solid feeling tablet, this price is actually much better than some of the "last generation" tablets which only have a single or dual core processor. Therefore, unless you are planning to wait until the next round of tablets that comes out later this year and onwards, this tablet will meet or beat most (or all?) of the other options in terms of price and performance.

    With the newest update of the Android OS, you can control the screen brightness (ie. ICS - not sure what the abbreviation means). Because of this, if you are in a low light area, you can turn down the brightness to the lowest setting, and this really helps me because you can still use it perfectly, but it doesn't strain my eyes as much as a bright screen does. Even better, it only takes two taps on the screen to make this change, so it is much faster than doing it on a laptop, for instance.

    The battery life, because of the ICS setting, is much better than I was expecting. I also turned off the GPS setting, which I don't really need anyway. The combination of these two things, and turning off the screen when not in use, has allowed me to use it between 2 and 3 days. Because a lot of the usage is me reading books (I am a graduate student, I read a *lot*), I actually keep the screen on a lot. So, I would estimate that I keep the screen on, plus wifi, plus occasionally doing other things like checking email, for approximately 4-6 hours a day. This is, of course, spread out throughout the day. And so, I would venture to say that I can use it without the need to charge for about 8-12 hours of "constant" usage. This is beyond what I expected when purchasing the tablet. And that means I am really happy!

    The headphone jack allows for headphones, and the quality through that is pretty good. I have not played a ton of music, so I cannot really talk too much about good or bad. But it seems at least comparable to listening to music through my phone or laptop on headphones. There is also a speaker, which is admittedly not amazing. I mean, there isn't a tone of space for high quality speakers inside. But it is not awful by any means, either. In addition to the listening capabilities, the microphone appears to be pretty decent also. I played 5 different songs (two of which were Chinese songs - from China, which Mandarin Chinese lyrics) with Shazam, and Shazam got all the songs correct within 5-20 seconds of listening. There was not a huge amount of background noise, but the microphone picked up these songs well enough for Shazam to work flawlessly, so I have to assume that it is of at least moderate quality.

    OVERALL CONCLUSION: No regrets after almost 2 weeks of owning the Transformer Prime (TF201). It is a little expensive, but the quality and it's ability to take whatever I throw at it shows that it is worth the extra money over most other options. If you are in the market for a good tablet, at about the average high-end tablet price, then the TF201 is highly recommended!