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  • Tony "SergeantPope" - As Seen on TV actually works?Yep, this actually works. I was pretty surprised too :P

    Shake it up and spray it on. The only thing is that this takes a bit to dry, so be patient with it. The instructions on the can are very helpful and allow you take full potential of the product.

    That's pretty much it. This thing fixed a huge crack in my basement, so now it doesn't flood :)
  • shineystaar - GREAT product - Removes raised moles, but flat moles, not so muchGreat product! It clearly removed one of the raised moles that I was dying to get removed.
    Luckily, I took the matter to my own hands and bought this product. I honestly think I got a
    pretty good deal for this cheap price! Even though it's a dinky bottle, your moles are tiny
    so you can get rid of some 100 moles or so with this product. I have to say though, the little
    file that comes with the product, I honestly don't think it did much.

    On the instructions online, DermaTend instructs you to scratch the mole with the file and then
    apply the medicine. The file doesn't really scratch your skin enough, so I had to use a sterilized pin
    to poke and scratch my mole until it bleed so the medicine could go through. (Caution: I'm pretty good
    at using my hands, so I don't suggest this method to people aren't! Don't poke too deep, you might leave
    a scar.) Overall, my mole came off COMPLETELY, roots and everything in like a matter of 4 days? It was so
    crazy, I was surprised. My face looks much clearer and cleaner than before :)

    This product works really well on raised moles, it didn't completely remove my flat mole. I guess it was
    harder to probe and prick with the pin, but when it healed, the mole wasn't completely removed. There was a teeny
    speck left and it's been bothering me, so I'm planning to use this product again a second time to see
    if it will completely remove my flattened mole.

    Overall, it's a GREAT product, just be careful to use it to avoid scarring and follow the instructions! :)
  • ana rosa calvo - Its perfect!I love the color! The same exact color it is in the picture. The apple decal shows a little froggy but only because it has a matte finish but considering that it at least shows through with the color that was good enough for me, Its soft to the touch not hard or doesn't feel plastic at all. Fits my Macbook pro perfectly. And hoping it protect just as good as it looks!!
  • M. Jennings - You couldn't pry it from this migraine sufferers hands!!!I received my Kindle for Christmas after begging and campaigning for the thing for a couple months. Now that I've used it for a few weeks, I am literally in love.

    First let me say that I have tried many e-readers before, and being a migraine sufferer (bad enough to take preventative meds every day)the whole e-reader thing has always been an issue for me. I love the concept, but get a migraine from the screen. Well, I'm happy to say that I have had NO problems with the Kindle and have read it for hours at a time. The e-ink is unbelievable. It really does look like the page of a book and you can even read it in really bright sunlight(a problem with other e-readers).

    It's easy to use, requires no complicated set-up, and you can begin downloading books right away. I am very impatient when it comes to getting new books. If I see a book I want to read, I want it now, and that has definitely been a benefit of the Kindle. I timed it one day just to humor myself, and 15 seconds after I hit "Buy" the book was on my Kindle. No more midnight runs to the bookstore or stalking the mailman waiting on a book.

    I also really like the note taking capabilities. I generally write in the margins of my books and then have to flip through them later trying to find something. With the Kindle, you go to the book and click on "My Notes" and it pulls up all the notes you took on that book. Love that! And I'm completely obsessed with the silver cursor. I cannot figure out how the silver cursor works, but how cool is that? I know that's not an important feature, but cool none the less.

    I know that it has e-mail capability and MP3 capabilities, but come on. I have the Kindle to read books from. I really don't need another thing that beeps at me when I get an e-mail. That's why I have a Blackberry. I've looked at the function, but it just doesn't interest me, so I really can't comment on how well it works.

    The selection of books has been great. There have only been one or two things that I've searched for and been unable to find. I love to read the classics and have been able to get a lot of those for free or .99 which I REALLY love.

    My only big complaint with the Kindle is the crappy cover that you find in the really cool box (again, box unimportant, but cool nonetheless). It is supposed to hold the Kindle, but mine was pretty smooshed from packaging and so the tabs won't hold it securely. There should be tabs to hold the other side or something.

    A minor complaint is the fact that I'm noticing lots of books over $9.99. This was a huge selling point for me pushing to receive a Kindle. I can buy a lot of books for $359! I hope that they keep the prices reduced.

    A lot of people have asked me why I can't just read the books on paper. What's the point in an e-reader? Well, if you've ever hauled a suitcase full of books through the airport (not kidding!), you know why. I'm a very fast reader and usually read three or four books at a time. I pick up which ever one I'm in the mood for. Carting around a selection of books is not practical - but slipping my Kindle into my purse with ALL my books on it is. It may not be for everyone, but it is a dream come true for me!