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  • C. J. Smith - It saved my life...I see that a lot of these reviews do not take this product seriously. I have to say, this product saved my life. It is fine craftmanship that deserves recognition, and not to be ridiculed by you people. I am a systems engineer for Federal Express, in my postion I travel around the world to make sure Fedex is up to speed on their deliveries. I do this by overseeing and advising staff that their sorting processes are sufficient. Just recently I took a trip back from Moscow to my homebase in Memphis, TN. There I was given an unexpected call to go to Malaysia. I hitched a ride on one of the "jump seats" of a FedEx jumbo jet crossing the Pacific Ocean, and was the only passenger. During a fierce storm, the plane was blown off-course and ultimately crashed into the ocean. I the only crash survivor, washed up on to the shore of a small tropical island. I explored the island, and recovered a number of FedEx packages that came ashore from the jet crash. In those packages I only found a volleyball that I eventually named Wilson, and nothing else of any use except...the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer! There was a significant cultivation of banana trees on the island, but I didnt have a knife to cut the bananas. I was going to object myself to peeling the banana and eating it with my hands, but what kind of animal would I be if I resulted to that? Because of the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer, I was able to consume the neccessary potassium to survive on a deserted island. I owe this product my life!
  • Scott Ontiveroz - People still buy iPads?I can't imagine why someone would do that. I've had this same Galaxy tablet for almost a year now and I got this new one for my girlfriend. We both love it. She is in nursing school, and there are tons of apps available that are useful for that application.

    If you don't know how to operate a tablet, get an iPad, that's for beginners.

    If you want the best tablet money can buy, that is fully customizable and has tons of settings and features that you can adjust to your personal specifications, get a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1.
  • "peart960" - Love for the hated.As a person who appreciates the talent and extreme effort that goes into the creation of a great album, I believe my opinion is of great value to someone who has made the decision to purchase a quality piece of music. This album is truly a classic and, in my opinion, surpasses the bands previous efforts of Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here. The guitar work is wonderfully creative and emotional,while the insightful lyrics and impecable musicianship of the band complements the total atmosphere of an incredible album that,sadly, can not be found in today's music.DO NOT THINK, BUY THIS ALBUM!!
  • E. Plaga - Best I've ever hadI can't believe how quiet this is compared to any other I have owned. My wife complained constantly about the baggless name brand one we had that cost close to what the Shark Nv did. Hated it, and was so loud it was deafening.
    This Shark Nav is 1/4 the noise level. Has noticably more suction. Has a good length hose and attachments. Seems well made to last. We could not be happier than this selection. Great price and outstanding performance.
  • GamerGrl1974 "Missy" - a tomboy's dream come trueI was one of those girls you didn't give Barbie dolls to I blame pcos(polycystic ovarian syndrome for some of my tomboy like behaviors) and just part of my over all charm and personality. I will say I spend a good portion of my youth loving things like all sorts of trucks. construction vehicles, heman figurines, star warz , going outside collecting frogs toads, having bizarre pets my love of horror/metal/gaming with loving to cook kitchen gadget collecting being one of my few girly hobbies. I have most of my life always wanted a trainset I admired one at my eye doctors when I was a kid always wanted one. Love watching train videos from railfans on youtube. I will say though you do need a pretty big ample space for one or join a railroad model club which be mostly guys they'd wonder bout a lady being there lol either way if you love those that stuff and have a "Cat" who likes to cause mischief not only can you not have the space for a model trian set but also a cat that would derail one every chance he got then this is a good game to pick up. I like going online dlling third party content(DLC) railworks america , torrent sites, or payware addons get so many engines and different rolling stock that way. your only limited to your hard drive yes i self build computer gaming rigs as a hobby like i said i am not into girly things . I absolutely love Railworks I found it at walmart and also ordered trainz 12 recently to try that as well so look for my thoughts on that later and have a few older simulators this one with my graphics card HIS 6700 works well very realistic . Love being able to build your own route aka a lot easier to do if you live in an studio apt/efficency apt like me and don't have the space I probably will someday get a tiny one for my xmas tree to go around but that's it. I really couldn't fit a huge set in my home if i tried to or limit transporation to taxi . public transit as i don't drive be expensive to join a club plus that's mostly a guy thing etc. having these digital type trains simulators suits me and appeases my love for the railroad had uncle and a cousin who worked for csx railroad co over the years I always been into trucks and trains etc. watch specials on tv bout them etc. like i say i got some non girly hobbies. except for love of cooking etc. I recommend this for train enusiasts and tomboys like myself this is pretty cool you'll like it.