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  • H. Musselman "DDR Mom" - Chillow is the BEST!!!I have had my Chillow for about 4 years now and I love it! My son heard about it and suggested I try it for my terrible (menopause) night sweats & hot flashes. I think my Chillow practically saved my quality of life. Before the Chillow - almost no sleep. After - blissful, wonderful rest.
    I put mine into its own pillowcase cover and put it on top of my regular pillow. For me, this works the best. I also have to turn it around to the cold side once during the night (because my head makes it warm up where I've been laying on it) but I always go right back to sleep with my cool Chillow. I bought a second one as a "backup" because I could never stand to sleep without it. I recommended the Chillow to a friend who was also having hot flashes during the night and she tells me all the time how she loves it and is so thankful I suggested it to her.
  • jazzmania25 - Restoring healthRecently, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and struggling with what to eat to reduce my symptoms. Having this resource of what to eat, what not to eat, and a clear explanation of the science behind how the body works with food has dramatically improved my outlook and overall health quickly. With my medication and this guide it has made managing the colitis simple. "Breaking the Vicious Cycle" has been a giant leap on my journey to regain true natural health.
  • Cheryl G. "The Cat's Meow" - QB 2011 still the bestQuickbooks unlocked the financial doors for small to medium businesses. As a +/- 20-year user, I have been continually amazed at its vast capabilities, as well as Intuit's ability to keep it more or less user friendly. The other great thing is that the help menus and directions actually correspond to the software and the problem you are having. And if you really get stuck, QB techs are amazingly well-trained. I've gotten myself into some real doozies with payroll, and they have been able to fix it every time. I really can't say anything bad about 2011. However, you should explore extremely carefully before you move up to 2013. That's a whole new ballgame.
  • carolineBibi - Extremely contentIf you are deciding whether or not purchase a kindle vs any other similar device, here is my experiences as an influence to go for the kindle. I have had very few problems with my Kindle. That being said I have a small child who uses it and after two years my charger was not charging properly, so I called amazon to see what were my options in resolving my issue. They were so helpful they sent me a new charger free of charge. A cost that would have added up to $30. I am so pleased with their costumer service. I just thought that people should know that amazon is a wonderful company who truly care about their consumers.