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  • TaiChiTigress - SAT Study HelpsWhat a great resource this is in preparing for the SAT! I only wish this had been available years ago when my husband and I had to take the test or even a few years back when our sons were taking it.

    The book is filled with hints and how to's and practice activities, plus ways not to succomb to the various trick questions and other antics of the test process and even includes four practice tests. Hints from students who have aced the test are in conversation bubbles in the margins of many of the pages.

    After taking the practice tests and grading them, one has access to all the answers and explanations of every problem. There are detailed explanations and examples of precisely how to write a winning essay.

    As an added bonus, there is a code in the back of the book which gives access to the website which also has a wealth of info and resources. Those include a real graded practice test plus a quiz bank where one can make study tests based on which areas were low scoring when tested, a word for the day with definition, plus much more. There is a parent/guardian link also. Your web account with access remains active for one year from sign-up.

    My student made the comment that he had no idea before reading this book that you could actually raise your SAT score without studying. Kaplan's promise is that your SAT score will be better if you just apply the info in this book. It's that good!
  • Rams - Helped me lose weight after I plateauedI usually don't buy weight loss supplements since I've had bad experiences in the past (increased heart rate, feeling anxious, etc) but Dr. Oz's special on the positive effects on the Garcinia Cambogia fruit and the other benefits (such as better mood, decreased cravings, more energy, decreased cholesterol) made me want to buy a good extract (since we do not have access to this fruit). I was recently told by my doctor that I had very high triglycerides even though my diet was better than most around me and I wasn't overweight - found out high triglycerides runs in the family. To make matters worse, I had been working out but my weight was staying the same. All these factors gave me more reasons to try something new. After using it for 2 weeks and only 3 pills a day, I was losing 2 lbs a week. I continued to exercise and eat well while taking the pills which is the reason for the increased weight loss (you can't expect to lose anything if you're not a least somewhat active). In addition, my triglycerides were lower!! I found my trusted pill. I can only imagine how much I'd lose if I took the recommended dosage. Icing on the cake: I asked my doctor about this vitamin and she couldn't find any negative effects, just recommended that after using it for 3 months, give it a month break and start again. Just follow the directions and you should notice a difference as well (but don't expect to take it today and lose weight tomorrow!).
  • blue_vett - a must read for any father.I picked this book up because I loved the movie All the pretty horses and the movie No country for old men. the movie for the road had not even started production yet (the movie was a horriable rendition of the book it did not do it justice

    As a new father myself and a beliver that one day man will destroy the earth, this novel really hit home, it brought new feelings and thoughts that left me wondering what i would do in the fathers shoes, how could you carry on day after day, starving and watching your child suffering, and no real help in sight, the emotions that it stirred were all new to me.

    I mark this book as a MUST READ for everyone, yes it is dark but it is how i have always thought of "end times"