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  • Thomas Buttonfield - Clay is as good and author as a speakerI had the opportunity to hear Clay speak at a recent event in Boston. I immediately knew that I wanted to read more about his point of view on technology trends after he was five minutes into his speech on technology and social tools. He uses real-life analogies to explain why some technolgy ventures fail, or succeed. However, sometimes they fail or succeed for very different reasons than their creators imagined they would. This book is about the power of social tools and the groups that form because of them. It changed my outlook forever on the power of social tools and which groups might form when new technologies are adopted at a massive scale. His take on the Power Law Distribution also changed my point of view on how I thought these tools scaled.

    This is an easy, and fun read that is packed with terrific insight about what is possible when you least expect it. I highly recommend buying this book.
  • P. Susi - Better than I thought it would beBefore I bought the Tab2, I had to check out tablets in general at a local electronics store to see what the keyboards were like. A few minutes with the Tab2 10.1" convinced me that I would have no problem typing on it. It has met all my expectations. Clear image, easy to use, lots of apps (like I need them all) and long battery life. The downside is that you need an adapter for a USB device. Not a big deal, but why not have this built in? But, overall, so far so good.
  • ksassy - Wonderful lessonBrene Brown and her teachings are wonderful. She delivers her message from the point of a researcher, and with the humor of the girl next door. Her shame studies are fascinating and a really interesting angle to study human behavior. I highly recommend this series for anyone wanting to learn more about themselves and how they relate to others.