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  • tavella - This is the best kit for upgrading your Mac MiniOWC made adding a SSD in addition to the platter drive so easy with their instructions. The tools not so much but I had other drivers already which helped as it seems like some of the screw drivers didn't fit correctly and I didn't want to risk stripping a screw. The instruction guide that came with was very details and included pictures.
  • midnight821 - Best Drawing Program AroundAutodesk Sketchbook Pro is known to just about every artist and designer for its ease of use and productive qualities. Sketchbook Pro 2011 continues that trend. It's great for professionals, amateurs, and just about anyone with an itch to draw. Some of the enhancements for this edition include layer enhancements, additional custom brush tools, new image editing capabilities, and a new tool bar.

    Past versions of the software have always been fairly smooth and used system resources efficiently and 2011 is just as smooth. Coming from a past user perspective, it was very simple to get used to the newest version. But even first time users will take command of the software very quickly. Just about any age and any experience will catch on quick. Installation was also quick and painless. While I have used past versions, this was a new install on a Windows 7 machine with 4 GB of memory. Like I said, installation was painless and performance of the software was top notch. Use of a tablet or a Tablet PC obviously makes the software much more beneficial, but not required.

    The toolbars are very intuitive and the user interface feels like an artist put it together, which is one of the reasons it is so easy to learn and use. Most of the program's features just feel natural. In no time at all, your brush strokes feel very natural. There are certainly other competitors in this market, but few of them make it so pleasingly simple to get started drawing. Combine that with an excellent price point and you have a true winner.
  • Iri from Sooke - Eee Transformer PrimeThis tablet is the best android on the market by far.It is ultra fast and so smooth and so responsive. It has the greatest image ,it is so sharp it's unbelievable! The 3 D is remarkable. Gaming with this tablet will get you to another world! If you want to buy something that you will really love to play with then this is it !
  • dotheastro - This is what you want, if you want Proactiv.This is not a review of the product itself, because plenty of people have their own opinions about that, but rather of the transaction. !!DO NOT!! buy Proactiv from proactiv.com, as they will enroll you in a pyramid-scheme type affair that charges you every month and keeps sending you more bottles of Proactiv and other products regardless of whether you need them or not, and it is very hard to get out of. It was recommended to me that I buy mine on Amazon, and that is exactly what I did and I couldn't be happier.
  • C. Van Youngman "Grey Beard Loon" - Grist for would be scientists and Dawkins fans.If you're not a Dawkins fan you obviously haven't read The Selfish Gene, the book that let non biologists understand Darwin and his dangerous implications to the world's ignorant. This is a delightful autobiography that takes us to that book's initial publication. Our breaths are held for #2. Anybody who can invent a word such as "meme" that goes memetically viral is worthy of a wide audience.