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  • Jenny Q @ Let Them Read Books - What a Ride!So much has already been said about this series of books, but I can't help it, I have to add my two cents just in case there are still people out there who have put off reading this series because of the time-travel aspect, (which is why I didn't read them for so long as a big fan of historical fiction). Stop resisting, start at the beginning, go out and pick up a copy of Outlander and I promise you will not stop until you have read all of the books in the series!

    The first part of Voyager covers the time Jamie and Claire spent apart and we learn what has been going on in Jamie's life. This is the first time we get to go inside Jamie's thoughts and feelings as chunks of the story are told from his point of view. I had to fight so hard not to skip ahead to their reunion, but it was worth the wait. This book has so many twists and turns and I thoroughly enjoyed their adventures in this book. Never a dull moment!

    One of the things I love best about Ms. Gabaldon's series is the beautifully written dialogue. This book in particular features many excellent scenes involving heartfelt conversations between Claire and Jamie, and their words to each other are always so true, so real, their voices are always consistent.

    Outlander is still my favorite in the series, because I love reading about the beginning of their relationship, the trials they go through and watching their feelings for each other develop, but Dragonfly in Amber and Voyager are both wonderful, too. All of the books in the series are excellent, but the first three are the best.
  • Cynthia Ramer "Hyacynth" - Reading with Kindle made easyI fell at work and broke both wrists,and have a torn rotator cuff. With nothing to do but read or watch TV during the long recovery period, I found holding books almost impossible because of the pain in my hands and wrists. My ortho doctor introduced me to his Kindle, and I immediately purchased mine. I am able to read books now, and even have my scriptures, Church hymns, and Sunday School lesson manual downloaded. Kindle goes everywhere with me, except the tub! Folks stop me all the time to ask me what I am looking at and I bet I could have personally sold a dozen or so since May 2008.
  • D. Milliron "Deb" - Love my PICI purchased my induction top at Kohls with a 30% discount coupon in November, I absolutely love it. It's so easy to clean that I don't use my stove very much at all. I purchased another on in January but can't use them both at the same time as it trips the electric outlet so I'll just use the other one in the motorhome.. From the reviews I read about this product I think people read to much into it.. It cooks well, is the temperature absolutely accurate, can't say, it has a + and - button next to the temperature read out so I adjust as needed, it boils water in an average pan quite well. I use a pressure cooker all the time and I love the fact that I can take it outside not get the steam all over the walls, I didn't need to buy a special pressure cooker for this, as the one I had worked fine. I steam vegetables all the time with the cooktop, I make chicken dishes, omelets, soup, (Pancakes not so great) fried hambergers great, stir fry great, boil eggs on it all the time, great for cheese sauces, melting chocolate wonderful!!! I can't tell you if the temperature is exactly as it shows, but I can tell you, with the exception of pancakes I love the way it cooks.. The next time I build a house I'm going to install a built in induction stove top... LOVE this product!!!
  • Robert G Yokoyama - This CD is a celebration of all types of musicThe songs on this disc are a true celebration of music. Yes, there are perennial Grammy nominees on here. Katy Perry's song "Wide Awake" continues her string of hit songs. Rock Hall of famer Bruce Springsteen contributes the patriotic "We Take Care Of Our Own". Kelly Clarkson's hit song "What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger" confirms her talent as an singer.

    This CD also makes me a fan of some new artists. The song "Shake It Out" by Florence and The Machine stands out. This song reminds me to let go of the past. Florence Welch's voice is very uplifting. This song makes me feel empowered. "Madness" by Muse is another song I enjoy. It is a techno rock love song. I love the beat of this song very much. Rock is well represented here with two songs by Jack White. His guitar riffs on the track "Freedom At 21" are superb. The song rocks. "Lonely Boy" is a song that will get me on my feet any time I hear it. Another gem is "Hold On" by Alabama Shakes. Brittany Howard's soulful sincere voice ensures this group will hopefully make music for many years to come. "The A Team" by Ed Sheeran is a song that raises my social consciousness to people who are homeless and struggling to survive. I also enjoy the folk songs "I Will Wait" and "Hey Ho". They put me in a good mood. This song is very touching. "Wanted" is a pretty country song that reminds me to look for the inner beauty in a woman. I hope that people will take the time to listen to these new artists and enjoy this disc overall.