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Country: Europe, GB, United Kingdom

City: Melbourne, Derbyshire

  • mlcreature - Best lightweight for the money - thrilled!Have had this for over a year now, and am thrilled with it's performance, especially considering I have two messy little boys. Couldn't be happier. Powerful. Still running strong. Easy to use.

    People who say it doesn't reach the ceiling must not realize there's a second detach point on the hose. Both points are clearly marked with red buttons. One gives you more length, including the stick. Attachments are super easy on and off. (makes me extra happy because have never found any to be easy) Light enough to vacuum the stairs. (also a good attachment for that if you don't want the awkwardness of using on stairs)

    NOTE: If it starts to do a higher hiss that sounds like air is escaping and it's not picking up much, it's because you need to empty the canister (also very easy after the first couple times). If it's still doing it and it's been awhile since you cleaned the filters, that will fix it. In my experience anyway.
  • Deborah Onnembo - DR Phil rocksDr Phil is the best. He gives advice in a no nonsense way. He is real and cares. If one really reads and tries to understand his books one can incorporate all or even some into your life. I feel he really knows what he is teaching and talking about. . He definately is not a quack like some other doctors on television. If people are serious about looking at themselves and are serious about changing the negative within themselves Dr Phil is the one to learn from.
  • Benjamin Gordon "Bunookana" - Great stand, especially with the 1090 dumbbellsThis stand is a must have especially if you have the SelectTech 1090 dumbbells. It can be a big pain and almost dangerous to be constantly picking up that kind of heavy weight from the floor. I'm sure they work well with the 552 series also. Also comes with rollers for easy movement around the house or garage.